Fixing shortcuts

Do you ever take shortcuts when you're doing a DIY project?

I have to admit that I took a huge one over the course of a few projects in the kitchen. I bet I'm not alone in what I did.

Yep. I never moved the fridge when I painted anything. The sides of the cabinets that faced the fridge stayed brown. The walls behind and to the side of the fridge stayed beige. When I painted the kitchen with Benjamin Moore Secret a few weeks ago, I shoved the roller as far as I could between the fridge and the walls, convincing myself that no one would notice. Unfortunately, there was one spot where one could see the old, beige paint. I decided that I could spend time steering people away from that spot every thing they came over or I could paint.

Out came the tape. Let me just say that I'm not yet fully convinced this Frog Tape stuff is the bees knees. I don't really see it as far superior to the classic blue stuff.

Within about 20 minutes, I felt much better. No more nagging thoughts that the space behind the fridge was undone. Now I'm wondering if most people just don't really have those nagging thoughts and leave those "can't really see it" spaces unpainted. Do you?


  1. It depends on the space and how much work will be involved. I always move all furniture and appliances out and paint behind, because you just never know when you're going to rearrange and then the shortcuts will be visible.

    However, in our old house, I painted the stair risers but didn't remove the carpet runner when I did it. So at some point, someone is going to pull it out and see the lovely white on the outer ends and the awful Carolina blue in the middle.

  2. I've taken short cuts but not when it comes to painting I actually really enjoy painting walls, if I don't take the switch plates off it will nag me so before I even get the rollers out I have to take all the outlet and light switch plates off. I even bought a tiny roller so I could get full coverage behind the toilet (the previous owner didn't you could see three different wall colors behind it). I do not like prep work at all (like taping things off) and I always make the mistake of this time I will be really neat and not get paint on the ceiling uh huh ya sure... I always have to go back and do touch ups for failure to do prep work it drives my bf insane LOL! My biggest problem is starting projects then never finishing them, I started the wainscot in the living room in Sept of 2008 it's still not finished ;) that too drives me bf nuts. I lose interest in a project really fast if it takes too long to finish, the reason I stopped working on the wainscot was because I threw my back out and it took 6 weeks to heal by that time I was not gun ho about finishing it ;)

  3. I hate the prep work. . . I hate moving furniture around to make painting easier. . . but in one of my apartments years ago I lived for over one year - ONE YEAR - with half-painted walls because I ran out of yellow and didn't feel like finishing.

    WHAT was I thinking? OH right, I was working 24-7. Otherwise I could not have lived with it. I learned my lesson there, because I had to repaint to move out, and that was a bummer. Not having painted walls until move-out.

  4. I don't like short cuts, even if nobody can see it, to have the job done well, already makes me feel good. Your colors are beautiful! Good job!
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  5. I've done the same short cut before, if you can't see it and know that the fridge isn't getting moved ever then I see no harm! It does drove me nuts when ppl don't paint behind the toilet though!

  6. I also took the refrigerator shortcut in my old house. And like you I could see one little spot and it drove me crazy. I didn't completely fix it until we repainted to sell it last year. In my defense, it's a REALLY small kitchen. So small that we had to take the doors off to get the refrigerator out! No small task. Oh, and if you really want a confession, I once left a spot behind my bed that I couldn't quite reach (maybe 1'H x 3'W). I quickly corrected that when I decided that I HATED the wall color and had to repaint.

  7. I love the idea of a wine rack over the refrigerator - what a great way to use that space! I haven't seen that before.

  8. Not sure why you would go to the trouble of masking off a receptacle cover and the trim for the icemaker supply valve? One comes off with one tiny screw and the other snaps off...


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