First things first

While I continue to contemplate painting the bedroom, I really should take care of the more immediate issue that's in the laundry room (err...closet). As you may remember, there was a leak in there and the plumbers that came to fix it left a massive hole in the wall.

First, I should probably told you what happened. Before the plumbers showed up, all I knew was that water was gushing out of a hole in the wall. Once they showed up and sawed open the wall, my stomach sank.

I did this. I'm responsible.

When I moved in, there were wire shelves over the washer and dryer, but things always fell over when placed on them.

About a year ago, I replaced the wire shelves with wood ones. I put them on the long wall and wrapped them around to the wall over the washer.

I hadn't thought about why the wire shelves had been secured to the side walls, not the wall over the washer. Now I know why. The drywall was laid directly on top of the pipes.

I had made sure not to put the shelving anchors over the spot where my washer drain pipe was on the right side of the wall, assuming the pipes from units above connected to mine. What I didn't know was that units above and behind mine (not people who lived directly above me) had a drain running through my unit, on the left side of that wall.

In my defense, the plumbers said there was no way I would have known the pipe was there and no nail shields were used around the pipes, so it was bound to happen to someone in the complex at some point. The property manager lives in another complex built by the same people and started wondering if his own place had any quirks or surprises like mine.

The plumbers had things fixed in about 30 minutes and left me with the big hole to deal with. This happened at such a bad time that I told Marc to handle it. I just couldn't take it.

Two weeks later, with the hole still staring at me each time I use the washer, I decided to just get the project done.

I knew how to patch a large hole in drywall, but revisited a great tutorial on the This Old House website to make sure my plan was the right one.

I collected my materials after work last night and got to cutting the new drywall. I can't believe how easy it was...I scored it with a knife that wasn't much bigger than an exacto knife.

Then with a which hand chop, I broke the piece off. I really, really can't believe how easy this was.

Then I cut some wood to use as braces behind the drywall.

Then I realized that I didn't buy enough patching screens to cover the entire area, so I stopped. But I'm really excited that I did this myself. Granted, I wish it was done two weeks ago, but Marc's not the most handy guy, so I probably shouldn't have expected him to get this fixed on his own.

So, closets win yesterday's "debate". I'm going to fix this hole, then paint the three walk-in closets before thinking about changing the bedroom. It won't be as much fun, but it's the better thing for my condo's value in the long run. Geez, don't you hate it when you have to make a mature, adult decision like that?


  1. You are awesome! Repairing drywall! :)

    I couldn't help but laugh at this situation, because it was a bit of deja vu.

    When my parents moved into their new house, my dad installed a closet system into their walk-in closet. He totally installed one of the shelves into a pvc drain pipe because that wall backed up to their bathroom. A few days later the shelf fell off and the closet was flooded. :)

  2. Oh no! It feels awful when you realize that you were the cause of the mistake, doesn't it? It really does happen to everyone!

    I love that you're repairing the wall yourself. I haven't had to patch anything that size, but the smaller holes (maybe 3 or 6 inches max?) that I've done were pretty easy. Good luck!

    And for the record: mature, adult decisions are the worst! Being responsible can be seriously UN-FUN sometimes ...

  3. Oh man.. I'm sorry that I sort of laughed.. I have'nt done this YET, but I think of it everytime I hang something in a bathroom!:) Way to go fixing it your self! xx

  4. Oh boy - what a pain in the neck. But I guess it happens to the best of us. Good job fixing it on your own :)

  5. Whoa, I feel like that was a twist straight out of a soap opera! Don't feel bad... I think that I broke my AC motor by not changing the main filter (because I didn't know it was there) ;).

  6. I am so happy that I read this - just before installing shelving above my washer and dryer. I would never have known if I hadn't read this. Thank you so, so much for the details and the photos documenting your progress.


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