Design bloggers take on House Beautiful

House Beautiful's "Send Us a Picture of..." feature is a monthly piece that posts designer's responses to a fairly simple question about their homes with photos of their spaces. This month's question was about the items under designer's beds. For the first time, the feature actually made me laugh. It was kind of refreshing that a few of them were more than willing to show that they don't have every inch of their spaces designed and organized to perfection.

That had me would the design blog crowd stack up if asked to do the same as the designers? I put out a call to a few bloggers with the thought that if this was fun, it could become a monthly feature here.

There honestly isn't anything under my bed!

Under my queen size bed at the moment, I have piles of papers, paid bill receipts, doo-dads, shoes, and an assortment of clothes, books, and magazines I stuff under there when the house is being shown (it’s on the market). The 2 twin beds in the guest room are currently housing cat toys, large platters, a few Christmas ornaments, and more magazines (do I sound like a hoarder yet?). Is this something you want as part of a collaborative blog? I doubt it!! Do you want pictures of this? I doubt it!

This is hilarious. . . because the only thing under my bed right now is a copy of that very same issue of House Beautiful. Go figure!

At my old condo I stored a box of out of season clothes as well as two folding tables under my bed, but that was because space was at a premium. Now that I have the luxury of space in my new home, I plan to not store anything under the bed. With pets I find it just becomes a fur trap!

The only reason my House Beautiful mag is under the bed right now is because I'm still in the process of decorating and building furniture for my bedroom.

Two months ago, we got rid of our bed and for longer than I care to admit, our mattress was rocking a high school coolness about it by being directly on the floor. It was quite the flashback to being 16! Because of the bed swap, we had to clear everything out that was stored underneath. So if Jeannine had asked me to do this three months ago my list of would have been ten times longer than it is today. Thankfully, our new bed is in place and we've been somewhat careful about what went back to live underneath it. Right now there is one dryer ball, lots of dust, two plastic bins, a pair of slippers and a cardboard box.

Inside of the plastic bins are 5 pairs of man sandals (mandals) and two pairs of man slippers.

The cardboard box contains memorabilia from my grandparents house that was sold last fall. I just can't seem to find the right place for three vintage aprons and a handful of old jelly jars...

~Eva @ The Fourth Door

If you look under my bed, you'll learn about one of my passions: music.

There are about ten, massive CD wallets stacked under the far side of the bed (so they can't be seen from the door). The CDs are mostly live recordings, traded by mail with other music lovers or if added to the collection in recent years, they were downloaded via Bit Torrent online. Happily, Marc and I are fans of bands that don't just allow tapers to record their live shows, they encourage it with special tickets and sections reserved for tapers at concerts. All of those binders get packed into Marc's truck once a week so he can use them to produce The Grateful Dead & Phriends Radio Show, which is broadcast on seven radio stations around Virginia and online.

Bet you didn't expect that answer from me!
~Jeannine @ Small & Chic

Now it's your turn! What's under your bed?


  1. What's under my bed? Nothing. Great post! :)

  2. Haha! Fun topic. I don't store anything under the bed but think there's currently a couple random socks, empty water bottle, and a book.

  3. I have under-bed storage bags filled with extra bed linens for my bed, the baby's crib, and twin beds that I currently don't own. I saw this little feature in House Beautiful this month and think it's a great idea to bring it to the blogosphere!

  4. I'm a little jealous of people who don't have anything under their beds! and I did not expect your answer Jeannine :) Thanks for asking me to participate!

  5. I actually checked under my bed this morning and we didn't have anything except for a stray dog toy under there - a certain dog was very happy to have it back! :) This is a great series idea Jeannine :)

  6. What a fun idea! I don't have a blog, but looked under my bed anyway. The only thing under it is a scrapbook from college that I don't want to share with my teenagers...a few too many drinking pictures! :)

  7. An exercise step, probably cover with dust, a pair of slippers and a pair of shoes, and a cow pillow that I bought with my best friend and just can't seem to part with.

  8. I have a wool blanket under my bed, because my grandma insists that I keep it there in case of fire. Apparently wool is pretty fireproof, so if you wrap yourself in it before escaping through the flames, you won't be as badly burned. Sorry for the graphic imagery.

    Other than that, I have a few rubbermaids of winter clothes, runaway socks, and most definitely pet hair. Yum.

  9. A whole bunch of pillows in those heavy bags you get when you buy a new down comforter that I cannot bear to part with but they don't go in the house I'm in now and a suitcases. I live in an old house with zero storage! Every bed in my house has stuff stored under it. Ugh!

  10. Nothing under mine :), but under the boys' beds are trays with lego creations and under my mom's high 4 poster is an antique trundle with a box of antique linens.

  11. Thanks for including me... as boring as my answer was!

    I would love to use it as a storage space, but it's just not high enough for any boxes :(.

  12. I can honestly say nothing is under my bed, but only after many months of purging and organizing! It wasn't easy!

  13. i had no idea that would have been under your bed!!

  14. Four large plastic drawer storage containers from the container store. I bought them last January on a day when I had a melt-down over how little storage space we have. They are empty.

  15. Dust, the odd sock and my viola....sadly...since that means I'm not playing it at the moment. Sigh.

  16. Haha!
    Fun topic. I don't store anything under the bed but think there's
    currently a couple random socks, empty water bottle, and a book.


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