Decorating with orange boxes

Some people decorate with Hermes boxes.

Call me crazy, but there's another orange box that's been making me more excited lately.

Thanks to Karen at Strictly Simple Style, I was able to order yet another Le Creuset item in my favorite color, Caribbean Blue. I got a grilling pan and I'm so excited to give it a try.

Tracking down the images above from Traditional Home and Sara Story's portfolio, I find myself thinking back to when I was in middle school, when I'd search through the bag of shopping bags my mother kept to fish out the very best brand name I could for my lunch. On days when I could find a Saks or Tiffany bag, I was pretty excited. Looking back, I'm sort of embarrassed that I did this, but I chalk it up to a materialistic atmosphere in my school or town. The one Hermes box I own is tucked away in a drawer, protecting the scarf an aunt gave me. I don't see any need to let visitors know that I have it.

What do you think of this use of Hermes boxes? How about the shopping bag? Would you do this in your home?


  1. Nope!
    am not a name dropper nor..
    name shopper..
    except in certain instances..
    Good Will!
    there is where I find most of my clothes..
    (certain "brands" seem to be made for me..
    therefore I purchase...not for the name, but for the QUALITY and the FIT!)
    my home is comfortable,
    where one is at ease to put your feet up,
    removing a feline off the stool if necessary..
    books galore..
    favorite photos of family and friends..
    nothing trendy.. nor faddish..
    just comfortable and homey..
    and not a BRAND name in sight!
    warm sandy hugs..

  2. Tempting, but no, too pretentious. Though I love me some Hermes, and own a few which i worked hard for. It's enough to know I have them and wear them! Am a fan of using containers as decoration, however, and I do have stacks of multi colored circular boxes (cardboard) in my office, (from Ikea) which i stack and restack on a regular basis, but they're functional and hold everything from stamps to shoppers club cards. Who has enough space to store empty boxes???

  3. There is a small part of me that wants an Hermes scarf, but not enough to actually buy one. Maybe one day. But I would NEVER display the boxes. That's just tacky. (And I do mean it that way.)

  4. I love the use of the orange. A couple of years ago, there was a Cristo installation called "Gates" which were a series of orange cloth panels throughout Central Park in NYC. I loved it. Because it was done in winter (and overcast), my pictures didn't come out that well, and I looked on the internet for a photo to purchase. The picture of the model made me think of it.

  5. I love the box shapes, I love the color. But how pretentious!! It's almost as bad as when you see Louis Vuitton luggage used in photo shoots.

    In school I was a total shopping bag addict. Same as you.


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