Cville Design House follow up, Part 3

Here's the final installment of the look at the Cville Design house after all the designers went home. The buyers of the home were able to purchase certain items to keep in the house. Other items were left behind. The basement bathroom was left with marble tile, beautiful trim work, and mirrors. None had been there before.

The Basement Bath

The Man Cave

The Exercise Room

The exercise room had chocolate carpeting during the Design House week.

The room also had a massive jacuzzi in it. It was a turquoise monstrosity. The designers who took over the exercise room did a wonderful job (the name isn't coming to me at the moment), but it had to go once the buyer took possession of the house.

It was actually a good thing that the tub was taken out. There was no concrete under it...just dirt.

Here's a glimpse of the tub broken up, ready to be carted away. Can you see the lovely turquoise?

Here are slide shows of all post-design house photos I took. There are a few gems I didn't work into my posts. I strongly recommend you check out the master bath. It's unreal.

Here are the MLS photos I promised to post:

Lastly, here are all the iPhone pictures I took while volunteering at the Design House:


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