Cville Design House follow up, Part 2

Here's more from the Cville Design House!

The Master Bedroom

The Artful Lodger's master bedroom was probably the room that got the most comments while I was volunteering at the design house. It was beautifully done.

The buyers will be repainting and the loft will be used as an office, as it was when the last family lived in the house.

The Back Bedroom

People loved the bird fabric on the wall in this bedroom. The buyers were thrilled that Onnie Baldwin left it behind. There really wasn't much of a choice...when I was volunteering, I noticed that it was hot glued to the wall. :)

This was all we got to see of the loft in the back bedroom. I was able to crawl up there the other day to take an "after" picture. The lofts weren't part of the Design House, though.

The "Middle" Bedroom

Victoria Pouncey
created a jewel box of a room out of what used to be a laundry (the house had two laundry rooms).

The amazing basement changes will be coming in Part 3 along with original MSL pictures.


  1. Love that huge painting above the sofa done by the Artful Lodger. (PS - have you eaten at Camino by the Artful Lodger?! That's probably my favorite place to eat in Cville. So good!)


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