Shop Tour: Quince

How would you feel if this was your store front?

Sharon Manering
from Quince Designs in downtown Charlottesville posted that picture and a few others yesterday on the store's Facebook page. A condo project has been happening around her for almost two years and it's close to complete. You may remember a not so pretty picture of the area next to the store from a post I wrote about Quince last year. Well, that was nothing compared to this.

I decided to run down to see the scene for myself (and to look at what was new and fun in the store). Coming from the other side of the building, this is what I saw:

I'm not even sure people can see the doors into the shop from across the street!

We love our local stores here in Charlottesville. I especially appreciate the fact that we have access to brands like Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams through Quince (there are only three independent sources for their furniture in the entire state). I so, so hope people are able to ignore the container in front of the store because there are so many gems inside...

Check out the scene outside...someday soon, this will be a beautiful spot. Can you imagine how often Sharon must be dusting and cleaning with all that dirt out there?

The tables in the store right now make me want to clear out my house and start over.
I love the mixed materials. I love the mix of rustic and sleek.

I love all the bad vases that are around the store. The colors are are the prices! They'd be great little housewarming or hostess gifts.



  1. Thanks so much for the photos - what a beautiful store! However, not true about them being the only independent retailer in the state...stores in Richmond and Norfolk also carry the line.

  2. That store has some amazing stuff. Of course I don't have a store, but if I did I would be livid if that thing stayed in front of my store for any real period of time.

  3. Kelly's right. I just checked and there are two new retailers...Exotic Home in Norfolk (which I actually wrote about a few weeks ago, so I should have known!) and Ruth & Ollie in Richmond. They must be newer to the company than Quince. When I was shopping for a sofa, Quince was the only independent retailer in the state.

  4. As part of the interior design firm that is working with the business upstairs on the intensive remodel, we know how difficult that unsightly chute is that unfortunately blocks part of Quince's store. We are working our hardest to expedite the demolition and construction process so that the chute and dumpster will no longer be necessary. We too want to support our local businesses so we are also trying to work with Quince on potentially buying select furniture for the above offices through Quince.

    Let's all work hard to not let this affect business! Please remember that if you're not in Charlottesville, you can also shop Quince and they will ship!

    Alexandra Gibson
    Managing Partner
    Gibson Design Group, Inc.

  5. Excellent photos! Makes me want to do a little road trip to VA and go shopping :)

  6. Caroline EmersonJune 16, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    Quince is a great store run by a wonderful (and zany) lady with a terrific eye! I say this as a friend and repeat customer. Thanks for this post.

  7. I would be so mad if that was in front of my store! I once worked in a retail store that had a major road construction project going on in front of it for a year. That was the worst year of all of our lives!
    Also, those vases rock! I love the flat green ones.

  8. Thank you, everyone for your kind words - they mean a lot right now! Once the construction is completed, this will be one of the most beautiful, hip areas in the downtown area, and Quince will shine, once again! I can't wait, and am pleased to be part of it.

  9. I love Quince! I popped in there after getting my haircut at Moxie last time I was in C'ville and just loved everything. I think I need that industrial coffee table!! Buy local!

    (And super sweet that the designer firm folks commented about moving quickly to get the dumpster gone!)

  10. I went there after the last post about Quince and thought it was the cutest store. I'm going to make a point of going in this week.

    Did you see that a truck crashed into IY today? I decided I was going to pick up a few things there this week to support them, too.

  11. Yay! I really hope a few people are inspired to stop into Quince (and Moxie and Baker's Palate) as this last phase of construction runs its course.

    The Gleason is going to be a very cool place and I'm sure the stores below will see many new clients once residents move in. For now, though, I think they would love to see some foot traffic from the rest of us. :)

  12. I'm so jealous of the shops in Charlottesville. They are few and far between where I live and in general I have to go to Charlotte, Asheville, NC or Charleston, SC. Great shops.


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