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Today's blog post didn't get written last night because we had no power from about 4:45 PM until 6:00 AM this morning. I'm thankful there was power this morning, though. I know there are still plenty in the area who are without it.

Apparently, we had a "microburst" which is a tornado's little cousin. This is the second time recently that I've been at work and seen wind that seems to blow straight down from the sky. It's pretty strange to see it, so I grabbed my camera and started to snap pictures. I kind of wish I had my Flip camera on me, too. Luckily, the only damage at my community was a few pieces of trim coming off the top of one building and one little piece of a drainage pipe falling down to the sidewalk. We were definitely lucky.

So here are a few pictures of the aftermath around my office and on the UVa Lawn. Amazingly, the grounds crews are out in force this morning and have all of the walking paths clear.

Thanks to Jane from The Borrowed Abode for tweeting about how long my food would be safe in the fridge. We didn't open the freezer at all and there's no sign of anything having melted. I opened the fridge once to pull out hummus and salsa for "dinner", so I think I'll have to toss a bit of food. Oh well. It could have been much worse!


  1. Oh my goodness! So weird that C'ville had a microburst; I thought those were reserved for those of us in "Tornado Alley"!

  2. Wow! I was around for a microburst in Northern VA awhile ago. It was crazy because The Hubs was at the grocery store when it came through so he completely missed it. When he came out and saw all the downed tree limbs he was completed bewildered and didn't believe me when I told him about it! So glad there was no "real" damage though!

  3. it was so crazy! and so scary.
    luckily our house was fine too. glad you stayed safe!

  4. I'm happy to see that the damage on Grounds wasn't worse. About 5-6 years ago, there was a microburst on the south end of the Lawn and several trees were lost.

    My old house (which I still own) is in the Greenbrier neighborhood, which was hit hard. My new house is downtown just off of Locust, which was hit hard in the big storm three weeks ago. Last time, we lost power, phones, and internet; this time it was just the power for 8 hours or so.

  5. Wow! Glad you didn't sustain any major damage.

  6. We have had a lot of storms this past month, the damage can ve astounding!

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  7. We had one of these in Boston about two weeks ago. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen! It came in so fast, ripped up trees left and right and then disappeared just as fast as it came. Clean up took a little while but we are back to normal now. I hope everything was cleaned up over the weekend for you!

    PS- you won the dress giveaway on my blog! See today’s post for the announcement :)


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