More from the secret garden

Last week, I showed you pictures of a "secret" Japanese garden that is just outside of Charlottesville. Today, I'm going to show you a few pictures from the main house on the property.

Keep in mind I didn't know there would be so much to see and I didn't have a camera with me. These were taken with my iPhone, at times in poor light. Still, I think the peek into this seldom seen place is worth posting not-so-great pictures.

I loved the rug and the fabric used in this room

Hand painted wallpaper

Look at the dining chair to the right for an idea of the scale of this piece

There were two identical twin beds in this cute room
...but not enough space to get them both in the frame!

So cute!

There's a lot going on there!

Not a bad view to wake to, huh?

The best word for the bathrooms: grand
The handles on this sink were the width of bike handlebars

Here are a few pictures that were taken outside:

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is somewhere off over those hills

The potted trees make my planters look pretty wimpy

How long do you think that tree has been happily growing there?

More buildings on the property

Yet another building on the property

The sign reads: "No Gypsies, Peddlers or Horse Traders"

Can you believe that they DO NOT have weddings up here? It's so perfect!


  1. Hi lady, sorry to leave this message in your comments, but I tried to email you regarding your big score at Design Crisis... want to email me back with your addy so we can send Sadie out to you, pronto?

    And, I am seriously jonesing for that wallpaper. Zuber?

  2. What is the name of this secret place? You mentioned looking for it in the Garden tours and I would love to do that.

  3. Email sent, Erin! Thanks!

    The name of the place is Morven Farm. I'm under the impression that it's only open for Garden Week, so definitely keep an eye out for that name. It's work the trip!

  4. You had me at "hand painted wallpaper." What an interesting space!

  5. Re: weddings- when Mr. Kluge donated the property to UVa, he specified that the space had to be used for academic or charitable purposes. No weddings allowed!

  6. Yes, that was a condition. Unfortunate. The upkeep is substantial and I imagine occasional meetings doesn't cover the bills.


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