I've got a Secret

I asked you for your opinions on three colors the other day and I quickly eliminated one color in light of my future plans for the kitchen. At some point in the next year, I hope to replace the laminate counters the builder put in my condo with either granite or quartz. I haven't decided on the color I want to use next, but I'm pretty sure the base color will be black or white. The vinyl flooring will also be replaced with tile...I haven't given any though to that purchase yet.

With those future changes in mind, I decided to use one of the two more grayed out colors on the walls. So, in the end, I was trying to decide between Benjamin Moore Cinders (top) and Benjamin Moore Secret.

After a marathon taping and painting session, the view from the front door is now this:

Next project: adding molding to the tops of the cabinets

The winner was Benjamin Moore's Secret. I haven't done much accessorizing in the kitchen and I'm not sure I'll do all that much. However, I did pick up some $10 peonies from Whole Foods that look great against the new color.

That's Baxter's cookie jar

The color doesn't look fantastic with the current countertops, but I'm thinking that this might be good motivation to settle on new ones.

I'm especially happy about how the color looks along side Benjamin Moore's Smoke, which is the color I used in the dining and living rooms.

Whole Foods hydrangeas on the dining table...every $12 bunch I buy lasts at least 1 and sometimes 2 weeks!

I'm hoping to have the bar lowered when I get the counters done. It's currently higher than my elbows! It's so high that even using the tallest bar stools on the market don't work. Light from the other rooms doesn't really reach the kitchen in its current state, either.

What do you think? Aren't those counters unfortunate?


  1. Well done! I am loving grey~ we used it in our renovation back in 2006 and now that I am staring down another paint job in a new place, I keep coming back to it. It's warm + lovely!

    Looks great.

  2. Oh, and I don't think they're unfortunate - you've done well by them by working with the color -- I can understand why you'd want stone -- it's what buyers are looking for these days when making a purchase, but even if you don't get to switching them out, I think you've made them look quite nice.

    : ) ABCD

  3. It looks fantastic! It makes sense to go with that if you're replacing the counters.

  4. Wow it looks gorgeous! Really looks fantastic w/the dining room wall color and the white cabinets!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! You have such a great space.

  6. Thanks, all. I was leaning towards that blue color originally, but in the end, I thought this was a more neutral color.

    Unfortunately, I think I need to make some non-kitchen purchases before I moved forward, so the counters might stay a little longer than planned. :(

  7. The walls look great! And the counters really aren't all that noticeable.

  8. I love the color. It's very similar to our dining room wall color that several friends have seen and gone on to paint in their homes, too! And wouldn't you know, our dining room chairs are nearly the same hue as your beautiful peony! Love the combo! Though I can tell you the walls will go well with everything from turquoise to yellow to crisp white and sharp black.

  9. There is no stoppping you, girl! Great job, per usual.....

  10. that looks so inviting, what a lovely place to cook and eat a meal! I'd say you picked the right color.

  11. Beautiful. The color looks warm and inviting! Grey is really such a great neutral; I painted our master bedroom and bath grey over two years ago, and I still absolutely love the color! Oh, and the counters might not win a design contest, but they could be so much worse-- at least they are livable until you are ready to put in new ones!

  12. looks fantastic - you know I fell in love with that grey palette when we did the downstairs bathroom :D

  13. That color is fabulous! I love it and how it works with your countertops!

  14. I'm thinking of using Ben Moore Smoke as well, but it will cover a great room that includes a living area and kitchen. Is it subtle enough of a color to go over that large of a space? I've got a sample, but just can't tell for sure.


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