I had a plan

I have a list of things I want to purchase and projects I want to complete. It's a mental list, but there are clear priorities. I'm sure we all have those lists, right?

Item #1 on my list is pretty important, but I just can't seem to get even close to getting it done. Little things that pop up keep pushing it farther off. My original goal was to take care of #1 last January. The flooring thing had to finally get done, so I pushed my goal date to March...then May. Well, now it's June and I thought August was a reasonable time to complete that task.

I just don't know if it's going to happen.

Sorry this is a bit vague...I don't really want to publish my list, but wanted to vent. When I am finally able to cross #1 off the list, you can be sure that I'll be sharing pictures. It's not even house related. :)


  1. Leftover Luxuries starts this evening and goes through the weekend -- you might see some familiar things there!! :)

  2. Vent away. I'm a mental list maker and things never quite seem to get crossed off...

  3. Oh no, Anita! I'm going to be in serious trouble.

  4. Emily, you are the CHAMPION of lists. For those who don't know, Emily posts to-do lists monthly on her blog...and she actually crosses a ton of stuff off at the end of each month. She's an inspiration!

  5. Blog it out, Jeannine! Sometimes it feels so good to vent. Good luck with that stubborn No. 1! xxoo


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