Happy Nate Day!

Design bloggers have something big to celebrate. Back in January, it was announced that an interior designer was going to have a show on network TV. Now, perhaps this has happened before, but it wasn't with the clout of Oprah's Harpo Productions behind it and it hasn't involved someone who is pretty much loved universally by an audience that includes Oprah watching stay at home moms, home shopping addicts, and design enthusiasts.

The designer is Nate Berkus, who we first got to know on a 2002 Oprah episode that showed how he transformed a tiny, 319 square foot Manhattan studio into a beautiful home. The end result felt downright opulent! How appropriate that Oprah chants "Remember that name" after the reveal of that space. He seemed to have a true gift for transforming small spaces, which I personally appreciated. Check out the video from a redesign Nate did for a 250 square foot apartment on a later show.

Now, clearly there's more to this guy than speedy makeovers done for TV, which is why I plucked a few pictures from Nate's portfolio (courtesy of DecorPad...thanks Suzie!) to share.

I have no idea what The Nate Berkus Show will be like, but based on past segments he's done for Oprah, I think we'll see a mix of lifestyle segments and a whole lot of interior design. I personally hope he can kick the design sensibilities of the mainstream viewer up a notch.

I hope we also see segments as funny as the ones Nate did for Oprah. Two videos from when he took over for a stay at home mom made me laugh out loud. Check them out here and here.

The design blogsphere is pretty excited about this show, especially at the idea of there being an episode where the entire audience is comprised of design bloggers! It should come as no surprise that when Julieann from CreateGirl floated the idea of making today a "Nate Day" on design blogs, dozens of bloggers jumped on board.

The Mogg Blog ladies are keeping a running list of all bloggers participating in Nate Day and established the #nateday Twitter tag to track all related tweeting. If you are going to join the crowd, send a direct message to @moggitgirls.


  1. Love this!
    Check mine out too!
    xo xo


  2. fun post! love, love, love that cutie-pie Nate.

    I celebrating "Nate Day" too:


  3. I love that standing lamp in the first picture -wish I kew where it was from. His segments on Oprah have been great and I look forward to catching his new show. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. thanks SO much for participating in NateDay! The pics in your post are some I have not seen before, thanks for sharing!

  5. The room with the Greek key table is one of my faves.

  6. I really hope the design blogger episode pans out! It would be so fun to hang out again! I love the pics you selected...he is just SO good. Can't wait til Sept 13!

  7. Such great news! I really hope the show is as great as his designs. Looking forward to it!

  8. First of all I love me some nate berkus. he can do no wrong in my book. psyched about his show.
    2nd of all thank you soooooo much for your nice comment. It was super appreciated and make me feel better.....its been months, but i'm still kinda recovering from that day and reliving it wasn't awesome.
    thanks again,
    Emily Henderson


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