Giddy over Design Star

Have you been looking at the portfolio pictures Jenny from My Favorite and My Best has been posting to introduce us to this year's Design Star contestants? If not, head over there to check out the last week's posts...just be forewarned that Jenny's pretty brutal with her opinion and her vocabulary.

I'm giddy with excitement to see what is going to happen. The design blogsphere seems baffled year after year by the winning designs for certain challenges on the show and Jenny says what so many are thinking. Some of the design skills evidenced are weak. Really weak.

The rise in snark in our little world has me thinking that HGTV and Mark Burnett should have a second Design Star show in the works. This show would have a panel of bloggers narrating over the week's episode. It would be HGTV's version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Whatever, Martha (which, but the way, was Martha Stewart's idea!).

Alas, we'll have to be content with blogging our little hearts out next week with our predictions and tweeting during the show using the #designstar or #watchhgtv tags.

I can't wait.

I already have a favorite. Do you?


  1. I don't even watch that show, but Jenny is HILARIOUS. I love her blog. Too bad I have the cheap cable and don't get this show.

    : )

    xo Terri

  2. I'll be watching! And yes, Jenny's commentary is hilarious.


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