Evil, thy name is...miter box!

I have ONE simple, 45 degree angle on my kitchen cabinets, which means I have two pieces of crown molding to cut. I bought the miter box recommended by the guy in the tools section at Lowe's. Maybe he thought I preferred frugal over functional in my miter boxes and saws? The saw is pretty wimpy...I'm thinking my serrated bread knife might do a better job of cutting these pieces!


  1. I think for around a hundred bucks you could have bought a decent power miter saw by Hitachi for example. I know you only had two pieces to cut, but it would have been worth it come next project. And it'd be capable of a lot more than just 90 and 45 degree cuts. I have a spare I'd have lent you for the day.

  2. There is no room for a table saw here. Remember this is a condo with 784 square feet of space!

    I actually contemplated going out to the suburbs to see if Marc's brother-in-law would make the cuts for me.

  3. I hate those miter boxes. We have a simple Ryobi miter saw as well, they really aren't that big and you don't need a table, the floor works just fine. I love it!


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