Dria's amazing trim work, Part 3

Are you ready for the final installment in the series about Dria's amazing trim work? If you live in new construction, the before pictures will feel very familiar. They show a nice, contemporary bathroom. But remember, Dria is the daughter of a master carpenter. She can do better than nice and contemporary, right? Check this out...

My final molding project that I am sharing with you is my latest project the downstairs bathroom. This bathroom, like the upstairs one, left much to be desired and while I initially painted the room in a medium taupe color, changed out the hardware, lights and faucet I lived with it that way for a few years.

A few months ago, I started growing tired of the look and had come across a photo of someone's dining room with craftsman style wainscot that I had to copy. My grandparents had craftsman style wainscot in their house, it has always been one of my favorite types of wall moldings. This type of molding is a bit more labor intensive and time consuming then the "lazy man" style wainscot I did in the dining room, hall and living room, but it's worth the time and effort.

All that I have left to do is add a tilting mirror and to add a cap molding to the top of the wainscot rails. I also repainted the upper walls in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

I made the mistake of not using my graphic software to determine if I wanted the vanity in this bathroom painted white or refaced in wood. Unfortunately I painted it white but this mistake just gives me the opportunity to reface the cabinet and make new craftsman style wooden doors and drawer fronts.



After vanity painted white which will be refaced:

Thank you for letting me share my passion for moldings with you all! And thank you Jeannine for your continued inspiration, your transformations keep me going to achieve that top of the line decor that you have achieved.

I know Dria's a little disappointed with the white, painted vanity, but I think it looks just fine. Of course, she's making lemonade out of lemons and sees her disappointment as an opportunity for another project!

Are you hooked on Dria's projects? If so, there are even more on her website. She's also blogging as she makes changes to her home. The latest project was a huge change on the exterior. Go check it out...the difference is amazing!


  1. Another beautiful transformation! I love the wainscot, and that Sea Salt color is gorgeous! Great job, Dria!

  2. Holy cow, that is awesome. I think everyone should add moldings like this to their home.

  3. Love that moulding!!! I wish I was that handy!

  4. Love it!!!! I think our manor could use some of that!!! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thank you Jeannine for having me guest post and thank you everyone for the nice compliments. There's very few other things I enjoy more then home improvements ;)

  6. Really nice update to the look of her bathroom. I'm almost wondering if, since she doesn't love the white cabinet, would she consider stripping the paint and going with a dark stain or maybe just paint it a dark shade, possibly navy blue?


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