Baxter turns three today!

It's hard to believe that three years ago, Baxter looked like this:

When I first met him, he looked like this:

It's already been three years!

Thanks for tolerating the times when I take a moment to gush about my little bear.


  1. Happy happy birfday Baxter!!
    Love, Clyde

  2. Happy Birthday Baxter! Gush all you want about your adorable fur baby.

  3. Oh my gosh, Baxter just pierced a hole through my snark-filled heart!

  4. Aww, happy birthday, Baxter! They grow up so fast :)

  5. He is A-DOR-ABLE!!! How could you not take that puppy home!! He looks super sweet!
    Happy Bday!!

    Katy @

  6. oh my goodness, puppy baxter is killing me...SOOO SWEET!!! :)

  7. So handsome! We have a five year old Golden named Katy and every time I meet a puppy or see photos I long for a brood of them running around! They change so fast. Katy is at my feet as I type with her "baby" -- a once-stuffed fuzzy reindeer!

  8. He is adorable!!! That bow tie JUST about killed me with it's cuteness. :)
    I have a 5 year old Golden Retriever named Mahlee, I don't have kids, so she is treated like a child.

  9. Would love to know where you found precious Baxter. We are desparately searching for a luscious dark golden to replace the handsome one we lost to illness. If you have the name of a breeder, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks and Happy Birthday Baxter!

  10. 3yrs old, wow, i'm getting older and older. i guess an infant that is almost 8months old is part of the reason time flies ;-)


  11. Tricia, we actually found Baxter locally because I couldn't get approved by the local golden retriever rescue group to adopt because they require a fenced in yard, no exceptions.

    Oh the irony of me volunteering for that rescue group as a home evaluator (I visit families who want to adopt to assess their home) and I can't even adopt through them!

    If you have a fenced in yard, google your local golden retriever rescue group.

  12. LOL! He always looks so frank and alert.

    I love Baxter like he's my own. I'm seriously emotional right now over his b-day.


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