A trip to the J.Crew factory

When I was in college in New England, getting packages with a return address of One Ivy Crescent in Lynchburg, Virginia was a thrill. It meant that yet another boxy, Shetland wool or roll neck sweater had arrived from J. Crew. We were addicts. We thought the label "J. Crew U" was a compliment to our great style, not a criticism of our homogeneous look.

I recently went to Lynchburg, about an hour south of Charlottesville, to find One Ivy Crescent. A friend told me that the clearance center at the J. Crew factory wasn't an outlet (anyone noticed that the outlets carry a cheaper line these days?), it carried current merchandise that had been returned or slightly damaged. J. Crew doesn't publish any official information about the factory, but if you prowl around the internet enough, you can find out where it is: 25 Millrace Drive in an industrial park in Lynchburg (J. Crew Aficionada didn't even have the address!). Through a newspaper article, I learned that when they couldn't expand the store at the factory, they rented a storefront in a new development to carry the over flow. The address of that store is almost impossible to find: 101 Northwynd Circle Street.

Here's just a sample of the things I found:

Cyprus Suede Gladiator Sandals
$128 in catalogue ~ $40 at factory

Cotton Blakely Dress
$118 in catalogue ~ $50 at factory

Stretch Double-Serge Pencil Skirt
$98 in catalogue ~ $30 at factory

That's just a taste from the bags I brought home. All swimwear and flip flops were an extra 30% off at the factory (which, by the way looks like a real store inside, just with a few, long racks). The staff at the factory also offered pre-printed directions to the other store. They must know that the address is hard to find.

The Northwynd store had items from the Madewell line, most of the wedding gowns and bridesmaid-type dresses J. Crew makes (I saw a friend's wedding gown marked down to $230), and a large Crewcuts section. I snapped up a few cute things for one of my nephews (the only one I could remember the size for). I found two cute ties for him (he loves dressing up like my brother), a beautiful sweater, and this great blazer:

$98 originally, on sale for $50 in catalogue ~ $20 at factory

I'm pretty excited to go back, but I think I'm going to have to limit myself to just a few visits each year. Those addresses again:

J. Crew Millrace Clearance Store (in the factory)
25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA
(434) 316-6324

J. Crew Wyndhurst Clearance Store (Wyndhurst is the development)
101 Northwynd Circle Street
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 239-0575

If you plan to make this trip, start at the factory and get the printed directions to the store. Along the way, you'll see the Virginia Candle Outlet. This is the outlet for the company that makes WoodWick brand candles. The WoodWick candle I bought at a local boutique was $20 and I got one that's twice as big for $8 at the outlet.

UPDATE: If you are in North Carolina, there is one other factory clearance center there. The address: 1 Clifford Way, Arden, NC 28704.


  1. I'm definitely going to pay them a visit. Great excuse for a roadtrip. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My pleasure! There is also a factory in North Carolina, from what I've read on the J. Crew Afficionada blog.

  3. How much do I love you for sharing this info?


    I will be bookmarking this for any future trips to the area (none planned, but you never know).

    Have a beautiful weekend, Sweetie!


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  4. I love that factory outlet! My favorite is when they have their warehouse sales! They open the store up at 9am and fill the warehouse with stuff from last season. My husband and I scored TONS of great dales! Cashmere sweaters for $30, shoes for $25, shirts for $15 ~ amazing!

  5. Our secret is out! I can say being a native of Lynchburg the J.Crew clearance store is a mystery to most of the residents. I live in DC now and I make the clearance store my first stop when I'm home visiting!

  6. I learned something new while at the Coach outlet in Woodbury Commons. When the ticket has an "F" in front of the style number it is merchandise that is made for the outlet. Polo, St. John, Levi are just some of those that make a line of clothes specifically for their outlet stores.

  7. Thank you for posting the store addresses/numbers. Last summer I got my wedding dress (the Genevieve gown) from the original clearance store for $170! I can't wait to go back and do a little shoe shopping!

  8. Thank you for publishing the exact addresses! This is hard to find info, even on Google! I am trekking from nearby Wintergreen and this is really top secret info. Hope my GPS will find the way to these bargains!

  9. Good luck! It was definitely worth the trip when I went!

  10. Ah the secret is out! I go to college in Lynchburg and all the girls love the store because not only is it J.Crew for cheap but we get to use all our student discounts as well! I will miss that when I graduate. I'm glad you had fun shopping! :D

  11. You are fantastic! Thanks you for the addresses, I know what I am doing this weekend!!

  12. Thank you for the review. I've been debating if they're worth the drive (I'm close to DC.) I think I'll save up some cash and make the trip!

  13. There is also a large selection of discounted stuff at Bar-ee Station in Duck, NC/ OBX.

  14. Heading up from Chapel Hill to Charlottesville Friday morning for my cousin's wedding. Think we'll head up through Lynchburg to check-out at least one of the J. Crew locations. Since probably won't have time for both, which one might you recommend? Thanks!

  15.  We live in Charlottesville and my husband wants pants from JCrew... I'm thinking of getting them for him for Father's Day. I'm betting I can get a lot more for my money at these stores :) Did you happen to see more men's clothing at either store? It doesn't matter too much, because I just saw the bit about the candles, and I definitely want to stop there too :) Thanks again for the info! Do you know the hours of either store?

  16. I live in Lynchburg and if you're a student or a teacher, you get 15% off your total with your ID! The prices are amazinggg, especially if you manage to make one of the warehouse sales. They have a mailing list that you can sign up for next to the register. The list announces things like warehouse sales, or regional sales that they hold in Charlottesville, Blacksburg, or Richmond. There is a regional sale now through September 5th in Charlottesville!

  17. I love the J.Crew warehouse store in Lynchburg! I got the Genevieve gown there retailed at $2000 for $170 ($200 plus my $15 student discount). That's less expensive than I paid for one of my prom dresses! The dress fit like a glove and the only thing "wrong" with it was that the inseam at the bottom of the inside of the dress was slightly loose.  I also got a jacket for $30 and they had plenty of $200 shoes for $30!


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