To tweak or not to tweak?

It seems as though everyone is tweaking, updating, or moving their blogs this week. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked out of Google Reader to look at a new blog design in the last few days.

Every time, I find myself wanting to do the same. At some point, I'd love to move the blog off Blogger to its own site, but installing a pretty Blogger template is also pretty tempting.

Have those of you who have invested a little more money and time into your blog design, did you debate the upgrades? Have you seen more traffic or better visit stats since the upgrade or were you just upgrading to do something fun and interesting with your site? Lastly, if you are happy with the template/hosting/design company you used, could you recommend it here?



  1. I moved from Blogger to Wordpress a couple of years ago and have never regretted it.

    And I too am thinking about revamping my blog's look!

  2. After doing some guest blogging with Wordpress, i swore I'd never use it again.

    I upgraded to a sleeker Blogger template about 6 months ago and really like the look of it. It was a free one found by googling "free blogger template."

  3. I started on on the recommendation of a blog designer....if you want details, call me at Quince!

  4. A few thoughts... Blogger seems to be a lot easier to find inexpensive re-designs, plus you can do videos, ads, etc. is hosted by Wordpress, and you can't do much in the way of customization. I recently switching to hosting mine with Bluehost, switching to the self-hosted version of Wordpress that let's you do more customization but also requires you to do upgrades yourself, deal with server issues, etc. I ended up getting the Thesis template, which I've been slowly tweaking by myself (and learning PHP in the process, wha'?!). It's pretty technical, but I haven't really found inexpensive template makers to do what I want for me! I guess it just depends on how much you want to fiddle with it versus let someone else handle it. I guess it also depends on traffic? I haven't been able to get my analytics working yet so I'm not sure whether I've seen an uptic yet!

  5. I think I've decided to pay for Blogger template for now. If I'm still hanging on in a year, I'm going to move to my own domain and a Wordpress template.

  6. I just found your blog tonight, interestingly, after I recently did a blog platform move and relaunch. I went from to, which is self-hosted and fully featured but requires quite a bit of expertise. It was totally worth it but I did it myself and it was pretty excrutiating. I had to develop all sorts of coding skills on the fly and there are a lot of small things I still need to fix. If you are still looking for a blogger template, Rainy Day Templates has beautiful options: .


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