Speaking of knock offs...

Yesterday, we had a pretty interesting discussion about knock offs. There's another sort, though...the DIY version. Knock Off Wood is a great resource for those who love catalogue pieces and want to try their hand at recreating them at home.

I have a great real life example of a DIY knock off and it comes from Marc's mother. She loves the look of Russel & MacKenna furniture and the style fits with her home at the beach, but even simple pieces tend to start at $1,000.

Picture from Russell & Mackenna

Last year, she gave a friend a picture of the R&M's $1,200 wave hall table and he was able to make a similar table. She put on the finishing touches (paint and sealer). The result is pretty close to the inspiration piece, don't you think?

What do you think? The paint job is fantastic...it looked professional to me!

She has another piece in the works and I've already seen it. It's a headboard made to look like R&M's Boardwalk Queen Bed.

Someday, I'll have to share photos of some of the work she's done in her home. It's a bright, cheerful house right on the water and the pictures would probably be a pretty interesting departure from the style I usually show here.


  1. Love that table, and love it even more in the room with that fabulous and fun sofa!

  2. Oops, just reread and realized that first photo is not in her home, it's from R&M. Sorry! But I do love the table either way! :)

  3. That knock-off looks great! I'd love to see more of her house.


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