Shop Tour: Moyanne

My volunteer work with the Southeast Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue took me to Amherst, VA this weekend. Amherst is about an hour south of Charlottesville and after completing my work there, I went to the nearby city of Lynchburg for some shopping.

Back in college, we knew Lynchburg to be the city where One Ivy Crescent was located...that's the address of J. Crew. More about that tomorrow. These days, I'm more excited about the store that was my first stop on Saturday, Moyanne. Moyanne used to have a store in Charlottesville, but in recent years, consolidated operations to a beautiful house just outside of downtown Lynchburg. Let's take a peek...

First of all, they are on trend with a ton of lavender and purple in the house. I loved the dining room set up, even though I'm not a huge fan of the color.

Next to the dining table was a cute desk. I loved the scale...compact and simple, but still feminine.

There was a rack of tea towels nearby. A few years ago, I would have ignored these, but I found myself searching for some turquoise, to go with my kitchen.

I found a little more purple in the bath section in the back.

Over in the living room, there were a number of beautiful mirrors and sofas.

I'm kind of partial to the cow over this sofa.

Next up was a bedroom full of beautiful linens.

To see the full set of 25+ photos I took at Moyanne, click on the slide show below.


  1. what a beautiful store! i like that big cow painting too.

  2. I remember this store when it was in Charlottesville! They had the prettiest things.

  3. I love their stuff, too. I so wish the Charlottesville store was still around.

  4. Beautiful store! I went to school in Lynchburg, and J. Crew is a little treasure!


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