Shop Tour: Decorum Furniture

Decorum, the furniture store where I saw the knock off ghost chair this weekend had some pretty interesting pieces. I snapped a few iPhone pictures to share with you.

I thought this Candice Olson chair was nice in theory, but I think the upholstery work was a little too rough for the design. It didn't seem refined enough.

The rest of the items in the Candice Olson collection seemed nice, but just a tad off. I wonder if this line is a step up or down from the line sold at Norwalk Furniture Idea.

I wish the lines weren't so exaggerated

One of Candice's drawings

Tucked away in a nook on a staircase was some art by Christopher Marley. I had never seen his work before and thought it was pretty interesting.

Here are a few more items from around the store...


  1. ooooh - i did a post back in october about christopher marley!! love these beautiful bugs.


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