My first blog video: a look into the bathroom

Between the nice comments I got when I posted the Abode video and the response other bloggers have gotten to posting videos, I was convinced that I should give my own video a try.

I'm starting with a look at the smallest room in my condo, so I can keep this simple. I'd be interested in knowing you think I should put up some shelving on the wall next to the mirror. I like simplicity and was a little worried that shelves would invite clutter. What do you think?


  1. Aw, thanks! My Internet service has been down since last night, so I can't see how the video looks. Any problems with streaming a vimeo video off the blog?

  2. It's working just fine!

    I think it's ironic that this posted today after I [finally] saw your Abode video last night. :)

    On to the bathroom. I am absolutely, without a doubt, head-over-heels in love with your bathroom.
    Do you need more storage? If so I think you could make a shelf or two work. But I think a nice, bathroom-friendly piece of art would be a fabulous alternative to shelves, if you're just putting up shelves for decor purposes.

  3. Beautiful Bathroom! Unless you need the storage (what am I saying, we all need more storage!) I like it without shelving. Maybe a piece of art though?
    Oh, I just read the other comments. Looks like you have two votes for a piece of art!

  4. Video is great! LOVE LOVE LOVE your bathroom, it's so classy and elegant. All your finishes work so well together. Now, here's my two cents on the shelves idea........I would vote no. I am on the lazy side and dusting shelves would be too much work for me. However a nice piece of art in a beautiful frame.....swoon. Keep the video tours coming. But take your time to make sure we can see all mmmkay? Thanks.

  5. Can I ask, and don't take this the wrong way, but... where do you put stuff in there? Toothpaste, aspirin, whatever. Pedestal sink = no storage, projecting wall mirror = no storage. If I saw your bathroom in a design center I'd think "that's really pretty and clean, but so not functional and bordering on sterile". Buy a cheap medicine cabinet from lowe's, etc. that recesses into the wall, take the mirror part off the hinges, find a nice piece of art that goes with your decor but please with some bolder color (at least a little) NO black and white photo! Mat and frame to a size just a bit larger that the door you took off the cabinet, with hinges to the shower side (because they will be visible from the side as they have to be flush at best) mount the framed art to the medicine cabinet carcass and install centered over your toilet. I really like your floor tile, but the accent color in the basketweave gets lost with all that carrera subway overpowering a relatively small floor area. Is that black? dark brown? dark gray? reintroduce that color, maybe in the frame you choose for art?
    just my $.02
    I really enjoy your blog

  6. Jill, you're totally right...I went too fast in that video. I was trying to keep it under 30 seconds, for fear that if it was any longer, I'd have a hard time editing it. I wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

    Anon, I didn't take your comment as mean at all. In fact, I didn't even think you needed to be anonymous to share your opinion. Differing opinions is what makes the blogsphere interesting, after all. :)

    I guess I didn't show that when standing at the sink, there is a fairly substantial linen closet at your back. When guests come over (real or virtual), I tuck everything away in the linen closet.

    For day to day, the sink has a cup with toothbrushes and toothpaste in it along with a glass carafe of mouthwash. I hate clutter, so everything else is tucked away in cubbies and drawers in the linen closet.

    As for color, I felt pretty strongly about the bathroom being simple and soothing. I didn't want "a punch of color" or an accent wall. This is a small condo in a busy neighborhood. What's more, there are days when I interact with as many as 500 people at work. I wanted the entire place to be a calm, but happy retreat.

    I should add that I really enjoyed your's nice when someone is on a different page. :)

  7. Sorry! Looking back at that comment in the morning makes me regret just about every word of it. You have a lovely bathroom. This is what happens when a guy stumbles into a design blog by accident.
    For the record, I have a downstairs powder room that lacks a bit of color myself. And with a pedestal sink, its storage-challenged as well. I'll try taking my own advice and maybe let you know how it goes?
    btw, I wasn't suggesting an overwhelming amount of color, just a little something to break things up, maybe a vintage print?


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