Liberty of London, circa 1966

For the last ten years, I've carried a zip-lock bag of fabric with me from one apartment to the next without opening it. It contains Liberty of London fabric that my mother bought in Bermuda, on her honeymoon, in the late 1960s.

Today, I opened the bag.

There was so much fabric! Here it is draped over the end of my bed and it's still folded over once.

It doesn't go with anything I own, so I guess I'll just fold it up and put it back in the zip-lock bag.

Unless someone had a suggestion. What would you do with this much hot pink, Liberty of London fabric?


  1. I LOVE IT!!!
    I would add it to the top or bottom of the curtains in my second bedroom. Blue walls, a hot pink closet and white canvas like fabric with teeny light gray embroidered flowers for the currant curtains.

  2. I agree I'd use it for the top or bottom of drapes and the front of some throw pillows! Hang on to it you can use it a guestroom in a few years when you buy a house!

  3. Oh my gosh! You're killing me! That is to die for.

    Honestly I think you could use it to make drapes, not just add it to the bottom of them. Trimmed with white ribbon. In a room with medium pewter walls.

  4. Hey... they have all sorts of Liberty of London stuff at Target right now... Got some cute plastic-ware for cook-outs in a similar pink pattern!

  5. Sell it to your friend Deanna! :)

  6. throw pillows for sure. a skirt? a purse? add it as a detail to a white tank top in a flower/floral arrangement (i envision tons of layers of flowers, a la anthropologie!)

  7. Ooooh a bed skirt to match the curtains too!!!

  8. I like the curtain idea. I'm not sure there's enough for two panels, but I bet I could use the fabric with some nice, creamy white fabric to make drapes.

    I never imagined having a pink room, but I guess I kind of have to do something with this fabric, right? It's probably far more expensive than the rest of the fabric I own!

  9. i love that!!
    is it heavy? or a thin cotton?
    how about finding an old chair that needs a new seat cushion?

  10. I think it would look great made into a chic simple summer dress (a la Lily Pulitzer). Or, when you have your next home with a sun room, couldn't you see it made into chair cushions? Definitely save it until the right inspirition hits. It is a beautiful length of fabric.


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