Pull out the fan decks!

I love color and I love paint (and painting!). I can often make quick decisions for others, but when it comes to settling on a color for my own space, it usually takes me quite some time.

Living with an open floor plan has definitely made me extremely cautious about picking colors. I feel as though all of the colors have to work together. Right now, I'm starting to think about tweaking the color in the bedroom and also about painting the kitchen. Here's what I'm working with already:

Just a few of the dozens of options I'm considering:

The knee jerk reaction of a lot of bloggers, myself included, would probably be to use gray in the rooms. I *think* I want to use a gray that leans towards beige. I can't believe I just typed that. I hate beige. Hate it. My entire condo was beige when I got here and I thought it felt like a sad cave.

But beige doesn't have to be sad...right? It can be clean and fresh and refract light...right?

This might be a horrible idea.


  1. With your artwork and furniture, beige can never be sad!

  2. Aw, thanks. I have a feeling I might chicken out, though.

  3. I'm actually considering a similar color for my living room! I also dislike beige but can't go true grey as I don't get much natural light. Like Kasey said, with your furniture and accessories, you'll be fine! it will serve as a neutral backdrop.


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