A giant puzzle

I'm sure everyone has seen those cardboard moose and deer heads that were all the rage about two years ago. You know...they looked like the dinosaur puzzles you put together as a kid? You may have seen a fairly well known par of Richmond bloggers make a video out of putting a one of them together, too.

Well, for the last few months, there's been a life size rhinoceros that looks just like them a few blocks from my house. The sculpture is part of Art in Place, a project that puts sculpture alongside roads all around Charlottesville.

Yesterday, I decided to finally look up the rhino to see who did it and it was done by the company that makes those cardboard animals! I had no idea they were a Charlottesville company.

Image from Art in Place


  1. I won a couple of heart boxes from that company and was also surprised to see the return address on the package when it came. And I loved Sherry and John's tutorial. I am spatially challenged so I need all the help I can get when putting things together! I will have to look for the rhino the next time I am in Cville. What road is it on?


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