Before & After in the City: The Living Room, part 2

The Manhattan co-op series continues! Today, I have after pictures of the living room of my aunt and uncle's New York City home. There's an opportunity for you to be the designer in this one, so keep reading...

There are a few pieces of furniture missing from this pictures. First of all, the coffee table that was ordered won't be in for a few more weeks. The skinny table here is just a place holder.

My aunt isn't thrilled with the sofa. "It is comfortable, but I didn't realize it wouldn't have cording around the edges and I spend a lot of time fluffing up the cushions. I got a Baker sofa and if I had it to do over, would probably explore more mid-priced options."

The chair and ottoman were reupholstered to go with the new color scheme. It was pink in the before pictures.

Here's where you can chime in with some opinions. The designer wants there to be a chair or round ottoman between the sofa and the seating area by the window. What do you think? Remember, there's going to be a larger coffee table here. My aunt and uncle are thinking of putting two square ottomans over where the chair is in the second picture.

No chair

With chair

Before this whole project started, my aunt got a little bit into Craigslist and found the bookcase at the end of the room on there. She had it refinished to go with the wood tone they were planning to have in the room. So, there's a Baker sofa next to a Craigslist bookcase. How's that for mixing "high" and "low"?

There's another piece of furniture on the way and it will house the TV. My aunt and uncle are having a cabinet with a TV lift inside it made. I can't wait to see it...I love the idea. The lift unit will go on this wall:

There was one more problem with the designer in this room. The fabric sample my aunt and uncle approved for the drapes was a smooth silk with some stripes running through it. The actual fabric was not was crinkled. There was a bit of back and forth on that. My aunt and uncle have to have the drapes remade.

I took this picture back in December


  1. I like it better with no chair. It seems like too much to have another piece there, and it looks a little out of place. Plus there is already quite a bit of seating in the room.

  2. The room feels so much warmer in these pictures even though all the furniture isn't there. I think the ottomans are a great idea since they can tuck away when they need more space and can double as tables if they are made of the right material.

  3. I agree with you both. I think the chair stops your eye from traveling to the view and in Manhattan, when you pay a premium for a view, I imagine you want your guests to enjoy it!


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