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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the last few days and while rain is on the way, I can't help but tend to my tiny patio and the little landscaped area beyond (which I've really considered taking over from the grounds crews, as a neighbor did). It seems my aunt and uncle up in New York City are on the same wavelength. They're thinking about adding some sort of awning to their patio and are looking for ideas.

I showed you some "work in progress" photos from their place a few months ago. Back then, the patio was snow covered.

They have all sorts of flowering bushes in the containers and they plant vegetables on the far end of the space. I imagine their neighbors, who use a community patio about five feet lower than this one, are a little jealous of the oasis they have.

Awnings have come a long way. I looked up some pictures and expected to see the clunky, stripped awning that a childhood friend had on her patio. Those are still around, but there are much more modern options, too.

Image courtesy of SBI Unlimited

Image courtesy of Pergotenda

So, here's where you come in, my friends. What do you think about adding an awning to this space? If you wouldn't use an awning, what sort of shade solution would you use if you happened to live in a cool, Manhattan condo?


  1. I really like that awning design from Corradi - your bottom photo.
    I'd add an awning, but I'd want to make sure it was retractable. That's all.

  2. i agree, i like the second one that is retractable.

    we are actually going to attempt to make some sun shade sail things this weekend, i like the way that those look too. but they would be more difficult to take up and down, and i think with a smaller space you'd want to option of having something that was easy to remove.

  3. I love the idea of that last one... the fact that you can push it away is perfect!

  4. A lot will depend on what the condo association allows.

    I like the awnings shown -- so much better than the more often-used options.


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