What a weekend for projects!

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Virginia, which made all the little projects I've been doing pretty enjoyable. I'll be posting about a few of them this week along with an update to my aunt and uncle's beautiful place in Manhattan (you may remember the work in progress photos I shared in December and the post about their patio last week).

First up, some pictures from the painting of the front door, which became the painting of the front and patio doors. It's funny how you only notice where people cut corners when you start to go back over their work. When I went to tape the patio doors, I realized that the painters didn't bother to do the same when this place was built. The paint lines were pretty sloppy. Which means I should probably paint the door jams at some point in the near future. I used Benjamin Moore's Aura paint, exterior semi-gloss, in Black for this job.

While waiting for the front door paint to dry, I decided to play with the peep hole. Who knew you could take a picture through a peep hole?

I was really hoping to do away with the Command hook I used to have on the door for hanging door decorations. It wasn't quite strong enough for the lima bean wreath I made last weekend. I dug through my tool box and found a hook that I thought I could use. I threaded wire through it and then fed the screw that holds the door knocker in place through the loop.

The wreath wound up covering the hook completely and the knocker can still be used!

I had to take my monogram off the door and I think I'll leave it off for now.

To give you an idea of how dull and streaky the paint job on the doors here was, here's the door to the utility room near my door:


  1. Wow...what a difference vs. the utility door. The front looks so welcoming, and crisp & clean. Great job!


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