Weekend warrior

Did I mention that Abode is only going to take pictures in the living room? I'm really using their impending visit as an excuse to tie up all the little loose ends around my place. Not sure why, since that will eat up weeks of blog worthy projects in just days.

I'm blazing through my projects this morning. I've done some spackling in the bedroom and have started working on the front door.

I started by cleaning the front door with TSP, which wasn't the miracle cleaner that I expected it to be. I never used it before and I had to go over the door twice to get all the pollen off it. Then I sanded the door a little bit, which exposed white almost immediately. I guess the builders just did one, quick coat on these doors.

I almost skipped using a tack cloth on the door, but I'm so glad I did. Check out the results of two sweeps of the door:

The door knocker/peep hole came off easily, but when I unscrewed the lock and handle, I found that they were stuck on the door. I pried for a while, but couldn't get them loose.The paint on each makes me think the builder didn't take them off, either. Geez, I hope they didn't glue them on or something silly like that. Oh well. I taped them up.

I'm using Benjamin Moore's Aura paint in the semi-gloss, exterior formula for the door. I started to look over all the black options (this is a condo, so the door has to stay the same color), but decided there were so few differences between the few I liked that I just went with plain, simple black.

The guy who helped me at the Blue Ridge Builder's Supply, our Benjamin Moore dealer, put this sticker on the can, which I have never seen before:

Either the stickers or new or I was deemed a novice. After years of buying Aura (and selling it...I've actually sold this stuff to other customers in the store), I'm curious about why I've never seen the sticker before. Has anyone else seen it?

ETA: The door looks beautiful after just one coat. I love this Aura paint so much.


  1. I've never seen a sticker like that before. Maybe they've had some complaints from customers about their paint colours.

    I've recently heard a lot of good things about Aura. Too bad I've finally finished painting all the rooms in our house!!


  2. You funny butt! No, you did not mention that they were only photographing the living room! ha

    I think that getting all of those little things out of the way all at once is a great idea. And I can't wait to see that glossy new coat of paint on your door. I love a fresh coat of paint.


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