Want to see my monkey...clock?

Remember when I wrote about being bad a spray painting? Remember when I provided drippy, photo proof of my [lack of] skill in this area?

Well, maybe I'm getting the hang of it.

I have this clock. It's weird and strange and it makes me smile. But it's gold. Gold went with this place just fine when it was beige, but it hasn't looked right since I painted everything...three years ago. It's not precious, so I figured I'd see what it would look like painted with a satin spray paint (not glossy).

First, I removed the clock from the rest of the clock.

Who doesn't want a tiger, elephant, and monkey on a clock? Apparently nobody, because I got this for $14.

The wood part came out just fine, but I think I need to pop the cover off the clock and paint the face of it...maybe a nice gray?

Oh look, a light switch.


  1. That clock is really cute, I like that its different and fun to look at. I would leave the face just as it is, it looks good like that.

  2. That is the coolest clock ever!!! Why haven't we ever seen this before?


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