I can't believe I'm writing about a mop

I'm not a huge fan of pushing specific products on my blog. There are plenty of bloggers out there who do that quite well with reviews and giveaways. I wasn't offered anything to prompt this post. I just bought something last night that I think is awesome and I thought I'd share it with you.

With the new floors in my place came a "shoes off" policy. Still, that doesn't mean Baxter won't drool on them and schmutz won't get on them.

That's Baxter's drool. The treat jar is just to the right of this photo.

EcoTimer, the company that made my flooring, recommended using cleaning products by Bona on the floors. I had never heard of them, but their website listed Lowes and Bed, Bath, and Beyond as vendors. So, during my bi-weekly Lowes trip to pick up birdseed and whatever else jumps off the shelves into my arms, I looked for the Bona.

I passed up a big bottle of cleaner because I hate the idea of sloshing too much liquid on my floors. That's when I saw something that looked like a Swiffer WetJet that had the Bona name on it. I figured I'd give it a shot. I have a WetJet that I used on my laminate floors, but didn't like that I was constantly recharging the batteries and I couldn't get the spray to arch and cover a large area.

I am so happy I picked this thing up. It doesn't have batteries. When you spray, it's as if you have a traditional bottle of cleaner with a really long neck. Lowering the handle lets you arc the spray so it covers a large area with a thin coat of cleaner. I tried to get an action shot, but it wasn't completely successful:

Cleaning up the floors took just a few minutes and there was no smell at all from the cleaner. I honestly had my doubts, but I'm really happy. The company isn't new, but I had never heard of them. Has anyone else even heard of Bona before?

Once again, I didn't get any perk for writing about this thing.


  1. Before moving into my current mostly-wood-floored house, I asked a friend what she uses on her wood floors because they always look so good. She told me about Bona. I was not aware of the Bona mop that sprays, I just use the spray bottle and the mop that has a re-usable pad that you throw in the wash. I have had it 5 years and its still going strong, but when I need to move on, I will look at this cool one you are using!

  2. I have used Bona for years and think it is great. This past year I had my floors "screened" (light sanding & re-polyed) and asked the floor refinsher what he recommended to keep the floor looking good. Not a surprise - it was Bona.

  3. When we had our floors refinished prior to moving into our house, we were told only to use Bona. Love the stuff! Malena

  4. I did a post on Bona Floor Refresher a month or so ago - I love all their products and always use a BBB 20% off coupon when I buy them! I don't have the cool cleaning mop, but I use the floor cleaner spray and 'Swiffer' style mop with washable pad. It is the best wood floor cleaner I've ever seen, and won't dull your finish like Orange Glo and cheaper products can. You made an excellent choice!
    Question - how is the floor holding up to Baxter's nails?

  5. I've seen it at BB@B but hadn't heard anything about it. I have laminate floors that streak unless I wash a spot and dry it right away. Any experiences with streaks or lack of with this product?? Thanks.

  6. That thing looks cool -- did you find it at BB&B? I want to check it out. It would be great for quick cleans before people come over! :)

  7. My brother-in-law who is an expert when it comes to cleaning floors told me to only use Bona on my new wood floors. I love it! I have the mop you show in the picture and think it's awesome. It's the best cleaner.

  8. Bless you! I just ran across the road to BB&B, can't wait to try this. Diane L.

  9. In the floor covering industry we sell and recommend Bona X floor cleaner! It's wonderful on your hardwood or laminates!


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