From the "to do" list: painting the kitchen

Last summer, I wrote about the insanely long task of painting my kitchen cabinets white. I still love the results of that big project, but I've been putting off painting the walls. They've been white for far too long. It's time to do something with them.

Since those pictures were taken, I added bin pulls to the drawers and lights on top of the cabinets. Otherwise, not too much has changed. At one point, I decided to paint the kitchen with a slightly lighter version of the color I used in the rest of the place. I had the Benjamin Moore guy mix Smoke at 50% or 25%. You can see the color by the refrigerator. At the time, I didn't like where it was going. I stopped painting and covered what I had done with white.

Thankfully, Baxter graduated from kitchen restriction and the baby gate is gone.

I clearly need a better camera or better lighting.

Usually, if I think about a project long enough, the best solution comes to me, but I've been trying to figure out what to do here for almost a year.

At some point, the counters will be replaced (probably with safe, buyer friendly, black granite) and I'll put in a back splash (white marble or ceramic subway). What would you do, paint wise, with the walls in this open kitchen?


  1. I'm not sure if it's worth it to paint unless you have some amazing idea or inspiration. I'd go ahead and play around with some accessories to add in some color.

  2. I'd go with a neutral, maybe a creamy color that's a little darker than your cabinets and will coordinate with the room next door. That way, if you sell the condo, you won't have to repaint.

    For color, play around with accessories. For example, my favorite color is cobalt blue, but there's no way I'd ever paint walls that dark. Instead, I have a collection of cobalt blue bottles and vases in the 6' wide window over my kitchen sink.

  3. If you can believe it, Bailey can jump over that gate! I would love a dark gray or blue...

  4. Black.............just kidding! I would go *darker* than the adjacent room. Good luck!!

  5. Jeannine,
    I like the idea of something light to open up the space, but with just a hint of color. Maybe a light robin's egg blue? I think I read somewhere that blue is a color that supposedly makes food look better?

    By the way, love the blog.

  6. What about wallpaper?! It doesn't look like a ton of wall space so won't be too expensive - but will be an easy way to add some pattern and color! For some reason I have Candice Olson's lattice wallpaper in mind for your kitchen - like the light blue or creamy white. :)

  7. Oh I agree. Wallpaper would look really pretty in the space.

    Now which one is the question!

    *Thanks for the sweet comment yesterday. Happy you had a little moment like mine as well.

  8. If you plan to sell in the next 2 years you might want to be careful about putting up wallpaper. When I was looking to buy I often thought about how much effort it would take to remove someone else's wallpaper.

  9. Farrow & Ball's Skimming Stone. A gray with beige tones. Greige. Or Elephant's Breath.

  10. I like the wallpaper idea but not if you are looking for short-term resale. I think it looks great as is, though!

  11. Why not consider doing something with the backsplash which would give you some color impact and look more high end?

  12. Keep as is and add more color with accessories or do a fun wallpaper!


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