Buyer's remorse

There's a little square patch of space just inside my door that is the front "hallway". You can see it in this picture I shared a few weeks ago of the dining nook:

The light fixture in the little entrance area was a cheap, builder grade thing that didn't give off much light. You've probably seen these selling for around $10 on the end of the lighting aisle at Lowes. I always imagine that someone deemed it not quite good enough to hang and display light a normal fixture in the lighting aisle.

A new light had to be flush with the ceiling because the door has to open right under it. This presented a problem...virtually every light I liked hung down just a tad too low.

About a year ago, I finally bought a fixture from Bellacor for the space that I liked (I didn't love it, mind you). It was different, but still simple. I imagined that the globe would cast pretty shadows on the wall, too. The light has been sitting in the laundry closet for a solid year waiting for me to hang it. This weekend, I finally got down to business.

After over an hour of fiddling, Marc and I switched out the lights and got my new/old fixture up.

And now...

I'm not sure I like it. What do you think?


  1. It's hard to get a good look at it, but I like what I can see of it. I'd leave it up awhile and it may grow on you. I think we all have buyer's remorse sometimes.

  2. I like it!, I doubt that you can return it.

  3. Kind of hard to tell from the angle of the shot. Can you take a picture from the same angle as the top shot, so there's a comparison?


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