Before & After in the City: The Living Room

Geez, this apartment is big, isn't it? When my aunt sent me pictures of the Manhattan co-op she and my uncle renovated recently, I figured it would take two or three days to share all of the pictures. Here we are a week later!

My commentary has revealed my personal thoughts about their designer. Hearing about some of the things he did annoyed me a lot and I thought it would be interesting to share some of those little details (and there are more to come). Rest assured, my aunt and uncle are really pleased with their place!

On to the living room! Here are the before and during pictures...

Cute uncle alert!

I've personally always loved that little bureau with the mirror over it.

This sofa has traveled with my aunt to three different apartments.

There's some space lost to the sectional.

The lost space, some Baccarat, and a peek at the patio.

During the renovation, my aunt and uncle moved into a short term apartment in New Jersey. My aunt had been the only one of her siblings to stay living in the city for her whole life, but she joined the bridge and tunnel crowd for a few months! One thing she appreciated was how neat and tidy the contractor kept the space during the project.

Something that stuck me was how the room felt warmer, even without any furniture in it, when the pink paint went away.

You can see some paint being tested on the right.

Once the major work was done, they had the walls skimmed to remove 52 years of imperfections.
Then the paint could go up.

Afters are coming!


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