Before & After in the City: The Kitchen

The peek into my aunt and uncle's co-op renovation continues with the kitchen. My aunt said the kitchen wasn't slated for a major overhaul, but the before and after pictures show some pretty significant changes.

First up, the before pictures. For some reason, the doors of their custom cabinets actually shrunk after several years of use. The new cabinets would have the same frames, but new doors and hardware. They decided to replace all of their appliances and the tile work, too.

The pantry also got an overhaul. Remember the door on the right side of the foyer? That was on one side of the pantry and a door in the kitchen was on the other. They decided to put up a wall and create two, distinct spaces: a pantry for the kitchen and an extra closet off the foyer. If I'm counting correctly, they have seven or eight closets in their home!

Now for a few in progress pictures.

Below, you'll see waterproofing, but also something a little different: a shut off switch for the dishwasher. After they had a flood from a broken dishwater in a place above theirs, they decided to install this so they could shut down their dishwasher if anything ever happened to it.

By the way, just as with my flood, the person who caused theirs was home when the water started pouring down. What a gem, huh?

They had a bit of a surprise with the tile work. Their designer wound up substituting hand made tiles for the machine made ones they approved. Obviously, the budget took a jump with that decision and the lines of the tiles weren't as perfect as the ones they had originally picked out. Hm.

One of the contractors actually had the idea to use granite on the window sills to match the countertops.

After pictures are coming in the morning!


  1. The dishwasher shutoff switch is a great idea. That should be made standard.

    I have to say, I'd be irked if my designer made a such a costly change to the tile plan. . looking forward to the after pics!

  2. I know! I actually like the machine made tiles better...the edges are much more crisp.


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