Before & After in the City: The Foyer, Part 2

Yesterday afternoon, I showed you the before and during pictures from my aunt and uncle's foyer. Today, I'm sharing the after pictures of the foyer and in a little while, I'll share some before and during pictures of their kitchen.

One of my favorite things about the foyer is the light fixture. The crystal fixture that had been there now lives in the guest bedroom.

More about the door on the right in the next post.

The lower cabinets on the right were built to handle hanging files and a printer. For some reason, NYC code now forbids an outlet inside such cabinets, so there's a cut out in the marble shelf to allow a cord to come up to an outlet that is behind some of the picture frames.

The cabinets on the left are the new bar.

No bar carts here.

Up above are some of the artifacts and trophies my uncle has collected during years of living abroad.

Now it's time for you to play designer a little bit. My aunt and uncle are still looking for a nicely scaled desk and chair to go on the right wall. Got any suggestions?

Needless to say, the 50+ year old apartment wasn't wired for all of today's needs, so they updated the electrical system and added internet wiring during the renovation.


  1. I love that light... and the new design of the space! The built-ins are perfect!!

    For the desk, maybe something like this:

  2. What a great space. Love the builtins I just did a post today that features some fun chairs!

  3. That really turned out beautifully. Although for a bar that nice, I'd go with Hendricks Gin instead of Bombay Sapphire. :)

    For that space I'd want to find something pretty small and narrow - smaller than the average desk - and I would be tempted to scour antique stores and flea markets to find just the right piece. No great examples come to mind though.

  4. all came together so well. I couldn't imagine it after seeing yesterday's post, but this is great.

    I like the look of the front hall too. I bet it keeps shoes and coats out of sight when they have company over.

  5. Those cabinets look the artifacts! xx


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