Before & After in the City: The Foyer

As promised, here's the first in a series of posts about the renovation work my aunt and uncle did in their Manhattan apartment (co-op, to be specific). I'm going to hold the final "after" pictures until the end. There are still a few pieces left to be bought and I think they would enjoy reading some reader opinions about a few things.

Let's start with the foyer. There's actually an entrance hallway at the front door, which leads to the guest bedroom, guest bath, and the foyer. I showed a picture from the entrance hall back in December. Here's that picture again (my nephew is coming into the hall from the foyer):

The common areas were all pink before. Yes, pink. It was actually a nice, petal pink and was a huge improvement from the black paint that was there before..and we aren't talking cool, modern space black. We're talking 70s disco style black. A change was definitely in order.

My aunt described the foyer as a big, lost space. They had a large bar that took up a lot of the room and a built in bookcase for display. The doors on the left lead into the hallway outside the master bedroom and bathroom.

This bar was given to a friend with a large enough place for this thing.

They worked with a cabinet maker my aunt heard about years ago. She kept the name tucked away until she could do this project. Apparently, his work is so well known that people can spot it based in the style.

That's my cute uncle on the left at the cabinet maker's workshop in Queens.

Add all that wood work to the sad space above and you get this:

Beautiful, huh? If you want to see how this space ultimately turned out, come back tomorrow! The finishing touches are really fantastic!


  1. No way, I'm planning to DIY something just like this (without the doorway) in my den! Of course, I'm using kitchen wall cabinets for the base, not custom cabinets. This is awesome!

  2. I love built ins. It's the one thing on my must have list for when we buy a house.

  3. The custom built-ins are AMAZING and totally transform the entry! I can't wait to see their renovation unfold!

  4. A-mazing! Great great great job!

  5. The custom built-ins are fabulous! Could you possibly provide the name of the cabinet maker? He clearly knows what he is doing and would love to use him. thanks!

  6. I will ask for the cabinet maker's name and report back!


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