Another unfinished project done!

I'm on a to-do list blitz right now. There's a reason for it, which will be revealed soon enough. Suffice to say, I've made a list and my goal is to check something off it every night for the next week or two. It's a tall order, but I think I can do it as long as it doesn't rain. Painting when it's raining is the worst.

I had a grand plan to put up my own crown molding. I have this friend, met through the online design world, who does amazing wood work in her house. She is so inspiring that I've joked with myself that I need to visit her the next time I'm up in Boston. She lives just a few miles from my brother and his family, so I'll be in the neighborhood at some point!

This friend has put up crown, picture frame molding, name it. Seeing her whip up these projects made me think I would easily toss up crown molding. So, when I painted, I didn't really get too precise with the ceiling line. Last summer, I decided to clean things up in the living and dining room so I could let people in my place. Last night, this was fixed:

That's from the bedroom. How embarrassing.

Sherwin Williams Harmony paint doesn't touch up as well as Benjamin Moore's Aura. This morning, I could see where I had painted...and I did two coats. That's what I get for cutting a corner when I originally did the job.

Wait...maybe this is a sign that I should repaint the room in Aura paint!

I'm going to post the rest of my to-do list tomorrow, but to be honest, the projects left are a bit more involved than this one was. Does anyone else make these lists? Do you put everything on them, even the there-no-way-I-can-do-this projects?


  1. Well I havent put up any crown molding lately so I know its not me you are going to visit up here, what amazing design friend do you have up here that we all dont know about?? We must see this beautiful crown molding work you speak of :)

  2. Crown is a pain, more than any other molding. Stupid angles! Don't you dare repaint anything unless you actually want a different color! If you list is as long as mine, you will want that extra time. I do make lists with items that are totally not doable, but usually I find a way to do them 'enough' that I'm happy. So, what's all the rushing about? Hosting an event at your place? Doing a show on HGTV? Pregnant? Please spill!

  3. You may be able to see where you repainted when you look for it, but I doubt that anyone else will be peering closely enough at the ceiling/wall junction to notice.

    Does your friend the molding queen have a blog or website? I would love to see pictures of some of her diy molding projects.


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