What's lighting your kitchen?

I'm pretty sure this monster is out of here once the floors are done.

Not small, not chic

I've been prowling around Shades of Light, Bellacor, Circa, and Lamps Plus to get ideas. Recessed lighting isn't an option. The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen, so whatever I put in needs to compliment this:

Does anyone have stylish track lighting? Anyone feel as though track lighting should be banned? My hand went up for that last question. I hate the tracks...but I'm not sure what to do! Anyone have some other "go to" sites for lighting?


  1. I actually love Restoration Hardware lighting. I think track lighting that serves a good purpose is fine. track lighting is great for highlighting artwork on the wall.

  2. I am in the same boat... I want to change out my dining room and kitchen lighting so bad. I have been looking for some time and have not had a tada moment yet... good luck.

  3. Your chandelier is gorgeous!! You definitely want your kitchen lighting to complement it. Or maybe it would be better to install subtle lighting fixtures in your kitchen so your chandelier really stands out.

    Bellacor and LampsPlus are my two go-two lighting web sites. There's also Union Lighting, but they're in Canada and their prices are pretty high.

    We have track lighting in our laundry room. It's actually not bad looking, and gives off a lot of light. As Lavender and Lilies said, track lighting can be the best option for certain applications.


  4. A linear chandelier?



    or an elegant track light kit?


  5. jeannine, i do have track lighting in my office. it was the only thing that put out enough light in enough places. they're antique bronze lights... kinda antique looking. not too bad.

    try lightingdirect.com.

  6. Hard to know without seeing the whole kitchen whether track lighting is your best bet or not. If it is, check out Pottery Barn -- they have several styles of gorgeous track lights.

  7. how sweet are you to tweet & post in ur FB page abt the Monthlong giveaway madness going on at the blog/shop! so awesome!

    anyway...thoughts on the lighting..I'm with u about getting a chandelier but u know that's the "girl" in us. I think this one looks sweet....pricey but sooo gorgeous!


  8. If you feel you need a track light to property light your kitchen, I say go for it! Otherwise, maybe a nice semi-flush with high wattage bulbs would work? There is one on Overstock that is just crystals in like a 'net' form.
    Check out track lighting universe, they have lots of modern chrome tracks and all kinds of styles! http://www.tracklightinguniverse.com/track-lights_1114.html?option1=Finish=-4~Chrome

  9. I just can't say I am a fan of track lighting. I have two pendent lights over my island, recessed lights in the general areas of the kitchen, under cabinet lights and one cabinet is lit from inside because it has glass doors. I found my breakfast room light at a cool consignment shop in my area. I love hunting for unique pieces. Good luck!

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