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Long before I moved to Virginia, I was hooked on the Shades of Light catalog. It started showing up at my place in Boston years ago, back when there were as many drapes as light fixtures on those pages (they've since moved away from the drapes, but have lots of great rugs). When I was new to Virginia, I was looking for drapes and prowled around their website, sure that I had seen some beautiful ones in their catalog before. I didn't find drapes, but I did find the address of their retail store and their two outlets.

After transporting some rescue dogs last weekend, we decided to stop into the retail store to see what was new. I didn't want to bother the staff because the store was so busy, so I quickly took a few pictures. The Shades of Light staff has always been very nice and they have a staff blogger, so I hope they don't mind that I took these.

I tried to take a picture that would show just how big this place is. I took this looking across the store...and the store is deeper than it is wide. However, for some reason, it's extremely easy to find what you want. Items are grouped by type of fixture and by style. So, if you see a pendant you like, odds are you'll like what's hanging around it, too.

They sell furniture, mirrors, and some decorative objects, too. These monkeys remind me of ones I've seen on a few blogs recently.

The shade section is massive. A few shades were marked down to $1.

I should have bought a few crystals to replace ones that were missing from the bathroom fixture I bought off ebay.

If Stella & Dot made lamps, they'd look like this:

I love monograms, but I'm not sure how I feel about monogrammed lamp shades. They'd look cute in a child's room, though.

This gorgeous chandelier was just featured on the Shades of Light blog. It's beautiful!

The entire photo set (again, pardon the fuzzy pictures):

By the way, there are two outlet stores run by Shades of Light. One is in Midlothian, VA and the other is in Virginia Beach. Richmond bloggers John and Sherry from Young House Love have mentioned shopping at the Midlothian location before (here and here most recently). It's a gem sitting in a nondescript, suburban strip mall.


  1. I LOVE that store! I didn't know there was an outlet down in Midlothian and I live in the West End!

  2. I've been to the outlet in Virginia Beach and it's awesome.

  3. I heart Shades of Light. I never fail to find something wonderful there. I got the coolest birdcage chandelier there years ago. I need to go back.

  4. What a cool place... looks like you could find a slew of great things in there.

  5. Ahhh, I love Shades of Light. Must stop in soon. They have the nicest staff and a great selection. Hollar next time you are in town and we will grab coffee! I would love to meet you IRL! ;)

  6. I LOVE Shades of Light, and so does my mom, who practically filled her entire beach house with their products. Martha Branch, who does PR for them, is a sweetheart. I definitely need to make a trip to Richmond soon/ thanks for posting!


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