Shoe policies and socks for a ghost

With my new flooring here and acclimating, I've been thinking about little things I need to do to protect it when it goes down. I grew up in a home where we took our shoes off at the door and I'd like to go back to that practice when the floor is in. The boyfriend is having trouble with adapting to this already. I added a little stool at the door so he'd have a spot to take off his shoes, but so far, he has only used it to set down files or gloves. Any suggestions for getting people's shoes off at the door? I don't have room for a basket of slippers.

The other possible source of damage is the furniture. Most of my furniture already rests on felt pads or those discs that distribute weight, but the Kartell Ghost Chair I bought at La Diff a while back, though, has rejected all felt and rubber pads. Every time I think I have one of those little things stuck to the bottom of the chair legs, they pop off.

Tonight, I searched the web for chair leg "socks" I have seen on a few blogs. I couldn't remember what they were called and what I found wasn't exactly right, so I resorted to a homemade fix. I actually think I like it better than the argyle chair socks I saw on the blogs.

I have a bunch of these little, stretchy gloves in the coat closet. I use them when I'm playing ball outside with Baxter. I don't want to wear my cashmere convertible mittens because Baxter's tennis balls inevitably get covered in dirt and slobber. Packs of the gloves are usually sold for a few dollars. I have so many that I haven't bought any in a few years.

I pulled out a relatively new glove, one that hasn't seen a fetch session with Baxter. I snipped the fingers off the glove and slid them on the legs of my ghost chair.

So far so good! It's been a couple days and my homemade chair socks are doing fine. Now that Spring is around the corner, maybe I should go see if I can scoop up a few pairs to have in reserve.


  1. It's like your chair is wearing a pair of sassy high heels! Love it! In grade school, they used to put tennis balls on the bottom of folding chairs to minimize scuffing and scratching. Effective but not pretty. I wish I could help with the issue of taking shoes off at the door - I've been trying to get my husband to do that for months!

  2. Just ask people nicely to take their shoes off.

    I have an whole blog about removing shoes in homes: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might like to take a look.

  3. Taking shoes off should be customary! Just think of where the bottom of shoes have been all day, and then you track it into your house, walk around barefoot over that, and then take it into the bed. I mean I wish everyone got this... Good luck though- it's a tough habit to break. We have a shoe rack in the garage with a rug- they never come indoors!


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