Seagrass revisited

Now that I've had a few moments to breath, I thought I'd take a couple pictures of the new seagrass rug in the bedroom and address a couple of the comments that came in. The smell I mentioned is already fading...or maybe we've just gotten used to it.

I bought the rugs from Home Decorator's Collection after weighing quite a few options. It seems as though no matter what your source, these rugs were coming from China. The HDC rugs had mitered corners and rubber matting underneath them. I was surprised that Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn have the cheaper stitching. I liked rugs I saw on the Ballard Designs website best, but they weren't going to be in stock for months.

The feel underfoot is interesting. It actually made me giggle for the first few days. It's like wearing massage shoes. I could never wear those Adidas flips that all the girls in college wore for shower shoes, so I must be more sensitive than most. Marc says he likes walking on them, but doesn't like crawling on them to play with Baxter.

I was vacuuming the rugs today and was so happy that the Dyson doesn't suck them up. My old rug was light enough that the Dyson would pull it up and make vacuuming incredibly hard. Have any other Dyson owners experienced this? I emailed Dyson about it back when I got my vacuum and they said it was a common problem. I was instructed to call them to do the fix with their instruction over the phone and I never got around to it. Yet another reason why I'm not 100% thrilled with my Dyson.


  1. That rug looks great actually, very natural ;)

  2. It such a great look and I bet that smell will go away.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences with seagrass. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a seagrass rug for our bedroom too so I'm watching your blog to see how yours works for you. I think it looks beautiful in the room.



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