A recap of the week

It's a crazy week at work, so I haven't had any time to get things back in order since the flooring was put down. I'm hoping to have some time over the weekend to make this place look habitable again and will share pictures on Monday. It's good. It's really, really good!

I had a few surprises in the mail this week. Business cards I ordered from Pam at pixelimpress arrived. I had ordered mini-cards from Moo a while back, but they didn't look all that nice. Pam's cards are beautiful and she's more than willing to customize colors or fonts to fit client's needs. Her prices are extremely modest, especially in light of the thick, rich feel of her cards. Pam has a great blog where she talks shop and also talks decor.

Then came a package that was totally unexpected. Amy from Pemberley Collections is far more organized than I because she got a giveaway item in the mail within hours of getting my mailing information.

Isn't that a beautiful logo/label? This is the mailer Amy sent!

My giveaway winners usually have to wait a little while as I search for an appropriately sized box and packing materials in which to pack their items. Sorry, ladies. Amy has inspired me to be better about that! Amy has a store (link above) and a blog. I'm always amazed by those of you who run stores and blog. I own no store and sometimes I can't churn out a post.

I'm not sure I can let guests use a towel this pretty

I'll post pictures of another item I picked up this week in a few hours...


  1. Those are gorgeous cards! I love the color combination you chose. I'm thinking about getting some, so I am going to check out Pam's work. Thanks!

  2. I had her change the color on that card. The one in her Etsy shop is turquoise, but I liked the more muted blue. I think it came out nicely!

  3. oh fantastic those are such beautiful cards. i want some!!!!! and that napkin is adorable.
    so glad i found your blog! so chic!!!!!


  4. Thank you for the nice mention. I hope you like the linen towel. As far as running my business and doing the blog, everyday is a race against the clock. I have given up working out and preparing real meals. Oh well.


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