A Rate My Space flashback

The Big Reveal will continue tomorrow...

Before the community where I live was converted to condos, I rented my unit. I was the first tenant of the space and spent a lot of time day dreaming about what I'd do if I owned it. A lot of that dreaming was done while looking at posts on HGTV's Rate My Space website. Amateurs and professionals alike post pictures of their spaces and other rate and make comments. In the early years, the pictures were almost always inspirational.

Just as we look forward to new entries posted by certain bloggers in the design blog community, there were certain RMSers whose posts were eagerly anticipated. I personally loved posts by an RMSer who went by "hpj185". After living in old buildings for years in Boston, I didn't know what to do with my new construction apartment in Virginia. HPJ's pictures from multiple new construction homes were great inspiration.

When the Rate My Space TV show came out, the site was flooded with people asking for help from the show. I stopped visiting the site and forgot about those wonderful posts by hpj185.

The other day, I had a flash back to that time. Jennifer Sergent, former editor of the awesome Washington Spaces magazine, wrote about that RMSer on her blog. Her name is Heidi Johnson and she lives in Warrenton, VA. Pictures from her new home are on Jennifer's blog and they are just as fun to look at as those RMS photos from a few years ago.

I think I'm going to revisit my Rate My Space account and post a few of the pictures I shared this week, just for fun.

All photos in this post are from HPJ185's RMS posts. Click her name to see more!

This is really odd. I googled my RMS username to find my profile on the site so I could post my living room pictures from the other day. Instead, I found a post by another blogger about my rooms on the site! Eek!


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  2. Wow, that's pretty cool when you find another blogger giving you love like that!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments! This is Heidi "aka" hpj185 from RMS
    I just started a blog
    Would love for you to visit/follow
    Any advice on how to build my fan base would be greatly appreciated


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