Preparing floors for hardwood

We got a call while hiking in the woods (looking for antlers, Baxter's favorite chew toy) telling us to be ready for the next phase of the flooring project to begin on Monday. The rest of the afternoon (and night) was spent moving furniture and ripping out the carpet in the hallway outside the bathroom and the bedroom.

Let me just say that carpet is gross. Carpet padding is even more gross. I'll share the pictures of the grime that was under those (including under the pad) later this week. For now, here's a shot of me pulling up the tack boards. These strips are nailed around the perimeter of the room to keep the rug in place. They are a pain to rip up. Stay tuned for more progress pictures!

By the way, DIY is painful! I'm aching all over today!

Look at that action shot!


  1. And your condo is only like five years old, right?

    A golden retriever owned our condo for 10 years before us and before him it was cats. gross.

    Imagine the nastiness we pulled up last summer - the carpets were well over 10 years old!

    Speaking of golden retrievers, the woman who was selling our condo did so because she bought a new home with absolutely zero steps for her doggie since he was older with bad knees. True love!

  2. Pulling tack strips out of concrete is the many chunks of concrete come out with them. Here's to hard work!

  3. You go girl! :) Hope your bones feel better today!

  4. Ugh, I feel your pain. Our last house had rugs that we immediately pulled up ... only to discover that the pads underneath had horse hair Yes, horse hair. Suffice it to say, there was a lot of gagging.


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