Canada's Style at Home (and a flooring update)

I just heard from Nature flooring should be delivered to them today! I hope to make a few trips tomorrow to get everything home. After that, the materials need a few days to acclimate and then it will be time for installation!

I have no pictures of my own to share, so I'll share a few from Canada's Style at Home. I became a subscriber a few months ago and I LOVE this magazine! A nice bonus is that as soon as the issues are released, they are available in an online format to subscribers. For some reason, I get magazines later than most, so this is a nice feature. I wish more magazines did this. By the time House Beautiful or Elle Decor get to me these days, I've already seen most of the pictures via the design blog community.

Here are a few pages from this month's small space issue of Style at Home, in case you're curious:

Canadians are so lucky. Great magazines, a better HGTV (thank goodness the US HGTV has started to pick up a few of the Canadian shows), and great shopping. The city features in Style at Home and even the ads make me want to go back to Canada (I studied at University Laval when I was in college).

What's considered the hottest city for design in Canada? I have friends in Ottawa, so there's a natural draw to visit that city, but I think Toronto is supposed to be the hot spot. Am I right?


  1. I love it. I need that magazine. Canadian Mags are so great.

  2. Canadian Mags have quickly become the best!

  3. I *heart* Mike Holmes! I'm so glad he is a reg on US-HGTV now!

  4. Canadians really do have it good! If it weren't so cold I'd consider moving there! Right now I'm subscribing to Canadian House & Home and it is totally worth paying 3x more than American magazines. I've been thinking about subscribing to Style at Home as well...

  5. Hi Jeannine,

    Thanks so much for your kind words! It's so unfortunate that we're losing great American mags like Domino (*tear*), so hopefully we at Style at Home can continue to inspire.


    Lauren McPhillips, Style at Home web editor


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