The Big Reveal, Day 3 (The Dining Nook)

I've mentioned before that my dining room is really more of a nook. I'd love to have a true, round table in there, but the space is so narrow that I had to have an oval or rectangular table. The oval seemed to be the best shape for the tiny space.

I wish I had time to run out for flowers to recreate this picture:

But this will have to work for now...

I didn't order a seagrass rug for the dining area...maybe it needs one?

There's the little owl!

That's the front door and the photo was taken from the kitchen. It really is a nook!
The bowl and dish are landing spots for keys, sunglasses, and mail

I originally thought I wanted pristine, shiny mirrors, but I actually like that these are antiqued.

One of the three rugs I ordered arrived. When the other two arrive, I'll post some new pictures and get your opinions about adding a rug to this space. There will be a large rug in the living room and a small one by the front door. I didn't order one for the dining nook because I thought it would be overkill.

Of course, if money were no object, I'd have the whole place done with custom rugs, just like some of the beautiful homes Joni has shown on her blog. How do you feel about rugs in dining rooms?


  1. I recently put a rug in the dining room after many years without. Practically, it was better for clean up without it as I entertain a lot. Esthetically, the rug looks a lot more finished in the space. If it's the only space that doesn't have a rug, you might want to buy one as the flow would probably be more unified. Your chairs look like they are comfortable and would encourage people to linger and chat after the meal. Interestingly, I went the custom route with (very expensive) rugs from Stark and there is a real disadvantage to it. Little pieces of the wool pop out and have to be pushed back in with a paper clip! While I think the rugs are beautiful, I would opt for easy care machine made if I were doing it over. Love the little owl, and the antique mirrors work much better than new ones would. It gives the space a more eclectic, interesting look. I really like what you have done.

  2. So lovely and so well thought out, Jeanne!

    We have an 8'x10' dhurrie under our table in every color of the rainbow. I haven't decided what colors to remodel the kitchen in, but this rug will go with anything I choose. The pattern is just busy enough to handle any toddler mishaps.

    P.S. We turned our formal dining room into a living room.

  3. Your house is so calming- all the colors and furniture you have picked out is so pretty. I could visit you and feel right at home! Love your dining nook too- the chairs look so comfortable to hang out in for awhile and have a nice dinner party. I think rugs in dining rooms are fine, as long as it is big enough that the chairs are completely on the rug even when they are pulled out to sit down or get down up.

    You have such a great eye for picking out pretty things that all go together- oh and I LOVE the stack of orange boxes in the china cabinet, lovely pop of color!!!

  4. That looks great! I didn't realize how tiny a space it was before. That makes me feel better about the potential to rock the dining area in my [hopefully] next house.

    I would do a seagrass or other rug in there - because I'd worry about the table and chairs scratching the floor over time.

  5. Oh my. Amazing. I love your blog - it's one I got and read back pages of over and over. I love the feel of rugs but hate that they make cleaning difficult. Can you please share where you got the awesome glass spiky items on display in your cabinet? I love them! Thanks!
    - Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  6. ive been following your blog for it...and your pup. can you tell me did you add the lighting to your china cabinet or was it pre-installed?

  7. I have a rug in my dining room - generally I think it anchors the space and protects the floor! I'm scared what my floors would look like without a rug keeping the feet of the chairs from dragging across them!

  8. It's been such a busy day that I haven't had a chance to write!

    Thanks for all the kind comments. Thankfully, I added felt cushions to all of the chair and table legs before I put things back into the space. The floors should be protected...unless the felt things start falling off the chairs. The one draw back: there's a tiny big of adhesive on each side of the pads and that tends to attract dust and Baxter's hair. Ugh.

    The thing that makes the space even more tiny is that the entrance to the kitchen is basically in line with the two side chairs.

    Here's the floor plan of the condo to give you an idea of the layout.

    Here are pictures of the empty space when I moved in.

    Danielle, the spikey things were found at a local store called Artifacts. It closed last year. They were Christmas decorations that were being shown plopped into the tops of urns. I have also seen them made into light fixtures. I don't know who makes them, though.

    SCC, the cabinet came with the lighting in it already, but I bought pucks that look almost exactly like the lights that are in the cabinet from Ikea last year.

  9. Love everything about your dining room... mine is not even big enough for a cabinet! Where did you get the mirrors?

  10. So peaceful and beautiful! Great work!

  11. Beautiful! I love everything about it. The wall color is perfect and the mirrors are wonderful, too. I've had fun reading through your blog today! :)

  12. Jeannine - where are the mirrors from? Also, whts the color on the walls?

  13. I've always adored this space of yours!! Especially the tufted goodness of those chairs and the way you styled your china cabinet. Flawless!

    Are those the DuBois mirrors from C&B? LOooooooOOve them. I just might "borrow" that look for our dining nook's blank wall.

  14. I know Ive mentioned this to you before but I just love this space. So gorgeous.


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