TEN dollars for a campaign desk

It's not fair. I don't have room for a project at this point the way Holly from Life in the Fun Lane does. I've been watching Jenny from Little Green Notebook, Jamie from i suwannee, and other design bloggers paint amazing furniture for months and I've wanted to try my hand at it. I've been watching people scoop up campaign pieces, too (see Bryn Alexandra's post with lots of great eye candy). I want some. I want to paint it. I want to paint it pretty colors.

Alas, someone is is going to scoop up this $10 desk, coax it into shape, and hopefully paint it a fun color.

It's saying "Rescue me from this scary corner!"


  1. I need to start looking at the Cville Craigslist. The Richmond one is full of furniture, with ridiculous prices. I am not sure why people price things so high! Wishful thinking I guess!

  2. I feel the same way! We're living in an apartment right now that does have a backyard where I could paint...BUT it's covered in snow and I don't have any place to store desks, hutches, etc. while they're waiting to be painted. :( Oh well, we'll just have to be satisfied with lusting over Holly's amazing masterpieces! :p

  3. Why do I not live there? I would love that desk!!

  4. Agreed! I'm waiting til I move to start rescuing some furniture!

  5. I once bought an almost identical desk from the Habitat for Humanity store. Since it was going in my daughter's fairy-themed room with lavender walls, I painted the desk spring green, lavender, and iris purple, then added fairies. I have to admit, it was really cute.


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