Spring cleaning comes early

Around this time every winter, I can't help but start a "deep clean" of my place. Some people spring clean, but I winter clean. This is probably because my normal cleaning routine is abandoned during my busy season at work and at some point (specifically, this point) each year, I can't ignore the dust rhinos any more.

I thought I'd get through my entire place this weekend, but I've only done the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. I have the living room, bedroom, and closets left. Because my progress isn't really blog worthy, here are a few photos that didn't warrant their own posts...

1. The end of the spray spackling experiment
I bought spackle in a spray can a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. At first, it was a little messy, but once I realized that the advantage of the stuff is that you can apply it in super thin layers, I was really happy. Can you tell where the 6" x 3" patch is on this wall?

This is also yet another example of Benjamin Moore Aura paint's awesomeness. This wall was painted almost two years ago and I touched up the patch where I spackled and three other spots. The touch ups don't show at all. I've never used a paint that has worked like this.

2. Culprit of the chipped coffee table revealed
I had to touch up my coffee table's black glass when I noticed the color was chipped away in a few spots. Baxter used to lay under that table as a puppy...

Even with a crate, he sought out a "den"

I didn't think he was still interested in that space. I guess I was wrong. I found him napping like this while I was cleaning on Saturday:

Only his head fits under the table these days

3. Le Creuset at Bed, Bath, & Beyond
I've been in love with Le Creuset's Caribbean Blue color for quite some time and thought it was only available at Sur La Table. I was totally shocked to see it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Even better: those 20% off coupons that BB&B seems to send every week apply! The stock pot was a cheap ($32) treat that I bought for myself this weekend. Isn't it pretty?

Another new product I found at BB&B: Chicago Metallic cookie sheets. That store used to carry pretty average bakeware (Wilton, Calphalon, KitchenAid). There's nothing wrong with those brands, but Chicago Metallic's cookie sheets tend to test better than the more mainstream brands (I believe Volrath was ranked #1 by Cooks Illustrated and Chicago Metallic ranked #2). The two local cooking supply stores carry Chicago Metallic, but have very limited inventory. I'm pretty serious baker, so having the right equipment is important to me. While I like shopping local, those 20% off coupons and the pretty expansive inventory at BB&B has me thinking I'll be purchasing from them when I replace my old sheets.


  1. I love that stockpot! Staring at it is like taking a mini-vacation! ;)

  2. those two pictures of baxter are really funny -- the second one reminded me of clifford.
    love your new stockpot!

  3. Ahh I want that Le Creuset! I had no idea BB&B carried that brand.

  4. aww, your dog is too cute! I write about dogs for a living. Baxter is a perfect name.

  5. love le creuset and love your puppy! so happy to have found your blog today.


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