Snowpacalypse flashback

We're experiencing the start of a major snow storm here in Central Virginia. The snow started falling around 6 AM or so and started accumulating a few hours ago. When it stops, the experts predict we'll have somewhere between 16 and 28 inches of snow. When we're talking about Virginia, anything over 3 inches seems to severely curtain activity, so the actual amount doesn't really, really matter.

Just for fun, I dug out (ha!) a few pictures from my last winter in Boston (specifically Coolidge Corner in Brookline). These were taken after something like 3-4 feet of snow. It fell non-stop for over 24 hours. That kind of storm reaffirms by vow to always live in town. During and after this storm, the streets were full of people walking. Not being reliant on a car is pretty liberating!

Here's a picture I took when I finally decided to dig out my car, about two days after the storm. The snow had settled a little bit, but if you look into the yard next door, you can see how high it was.

Here's the snow mountain created by the plow that cleared the parking lot behind my building. We were pretty lucky to have off-street parking, which isn't all that common in Boston. Many cars that were left on the street got completely buried as the plows came by.

That's a second story deck and there IS a truck parked behind it.

Have fun in the snow, everyone!


  1. Wanted to let you know that I added you to my blog roll!

  2. That is ALOT of snow. I am glad your 4 pawed friend loves it.

    Thank you so very much for the sweet wishes and tips for my upcoming trip.

  3. Why won't bailey play in the snow? Dogs in the snow is just so cute!


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